Energy Harvest Charitable Trust

Enables recycling of agricultural waste into energy through novel interventions helping conserve the environment besides supporting farmers with multiple beneficial initiatives

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    Chandigarh, Chandigarh

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Energy Harvest(EH) Trust is an organisation that aims to help provide clean and sustainable energy solutions to communities in need. It does this thro Read moreugh a variety of projects, such as attempting to reuse the waste generated out of agriculture to develop a soil conditioner and also test the waste oil to run automobile engines, with a focus on improving the quality of life for people living in rural areas, particularly in developing countries, who may not have access to reliable and affordable sources of energy. The Energy Harvest(EH) Trust also works to raise awareness about the importance of renewable energy and the impact it can have on both people and the environment. It collaborates with other organisations and individuals who share their vision of a more sustainable world and aim to inspire and empower others to take action towards this goal. It conducts training programmes for farmers and small businessmen to help them participate effectively in the paddy straw value chain. Overall, the Energy Harvest Charitable Trust is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and improving the lives of those who lack access to it, with the ultimate goal of creating a more sustainable and equitable world for everyone.

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The Energy Harvest Trust has saved 300 acres from open-field burning and prevented the emission of 876,000 kg of CO2.


  • Project with IIP

    Partnering with the Indian Institute of Petroleum, the Trust is carrying out an initiative to test oil derived out of agricultural waste for automobile engines.

  • Project with PAU


    The Trust partners with Coromandel Fertilizers and Punjab Agricultural University, is conducting a three-year study to address the problem of open-field burning in northern India. The study aims to use paddy straw for biochar and energy purposes, providing a sustainable and commercially viable solution to farmers. Biochar has the potential to be used as a soil conditioner or fertiliser, with a positive impact on the environment and economy.

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  • Sukhmeet Singh

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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