People For Human Rights Council

Dedicates to fostering human rights awareness and literacy in rural India, collaborating with commissions to combat violations, corruption, and promote education, empowering marginalized individuals

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    Chandigarh, Chandigarh

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The People For Human Rights Council (PHRC), an NGO, is dedicated to fostering human rights awareness and literacy, primarily in marginalized rural are Read moreas of India. Operating under the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993, it collaborates with the National Human Rights Commission in New Delhi and State Human Rights Commissions to champion this mission. It is committed to combating human rights violations and corruption within state agencies and society. It does so by invoking the relevant sections (12, 13(1), and 17(2)) of the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 to file complaints. Moreover, the organisation endeavours to promote human rights education, a purpose supported by Section 12(h) of the Act. Its ultimate goal is to establish schools in underserved areas, providing basic education, English language, and computer skills. These schools target impoverished children who lack access to quality education. The project also includes features such as separate hostels, 24-hour libraries, recreational spaces, and reserved seats for beggars and tribal students. Overall, PHRC's mission is to empower marginalized individuals through education and promote human rights awareness, independent of political or economic affiliations.


  • HIV Awareness Programme

    PHRC is committed to eliminating social stigmatization directed at people with HIV. Its initiatives involve widespread awareness campaigns aimed at dispelling misconceptions and fostering empathy within society. Additionally, it provides essential legal assistance to individuals grappling with the complex legal issues surrounding HIV. Through these combined efforts, the organisation strives to create a more inclusive and understanding community that supports and upholds the rights of those affected by HIV.

  • Women's Rights Programme

    Women, constituting half of the global population, form the bedrock of society. Safeguarding women's rights is paramount for societal advancement. Sadly, female education lags behind males, leaving women vulnerable to domestic violence, dowry-related fatalities, sexual abuse, inequality, superstitions, and other social ills. PHRC pursues gender-neutral welfare, aiming to empower women regardless of caste, creed, colour, religion, or language. Its mission centres on enhancing women's lives through education, representing a dedicated effort towards achieving this noble objective.

  • Legal Services

    The People for Human Rights Council possesses a dedicated team of legal professionals and advisors who offer pro bono legal counsel. It operates with utmost integrity and unwavering commitment, following the directives of the panel's head. Whenever the organisation receives a human rights violation complaint, it promptly forwards the issue to PHRC's legal advisory board. Subsequently, the organisation takes appropriate legal actions in accordance with the board's guidance, ensuring that justice is pursued within the bounds of the law.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    PHRC actively provides blankets to destitute, impoverished individuals, and the homeless. It also distributes books to underprivileged children and engages in charitable efforts. The organisation runs a Professional Skills Development Programme that offers complimentary courses, including IT and English classes for disadvantaged women and children. Additionally, it offers sewing courses (Silai) as part of its skill development initiatives. These efforts are primarily focused on the Tricity area, striving to uplift the marginalized and enhance their prospects.

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  • Nirmal Sodhi

    Patron & President

  • Raj Jacob

    General Secretary & Founder

  • Sanjay Kumar Dadoo



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