Revolutionizes Science and Math education nationwide, fostering curiosity and creativity among students and educators through engaging programmes and hands-on experiences

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    Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

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Established in 2014, Aavishkaar leads the way in providing excellent Science and Math education, reaching even the most remote schools and communities Read more nationwide. Its mission is to enable, equip, and empower educators and students, reigniting their creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking in these subjects. The organisation aims to make Science and Math experiential, hands-on, engaging, immersive, and accessible to all. It believes that evidence-backed, rigorous, and relevant content can significantly enhance the classroom experience. Collaborating with educators and students, Aavishkaar reimagines these subjects in schools, extending efforts through festivals and fairs to instill excitement and eliminate fear among children. Yearlong engagement programmes, capacity building, fellowships for young leaders, and residential camps for students are key strategies, for fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in Science and Math. The ultimate goal is to nurture a culture of scientific inquiry and curiosity across schools and colleges nationwide.

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  • Drishticone Programme

    Implemented in collaboration with the Himachal Pradesh Government and Wipro Foundation, Drishti-cone is a transformative programme focusing on reshaping Math and Science Education within school systems. With three integral components, the programme includes teacher professional development, student engagement, and school involvement to establish STEM environments. It aims to empower teachers through comprehensive training, fostering active-thinking classrooms. The programme also incorporates STEM festivals, creating a vibrant atmosphere for students to explore and understand Science and Math concepts independently. Additionally, it consistently addresses numeracy gaps in primary and bridges STEM knowledge disparities in middle and secondary grades.

  • Math Matters Programme

    Math Matters is a three-month online initiative designed to empower women for careers in Math Education. The programme aims to educate, equip, and enable women, fostering a conceptual understanding of primary mathematics. Participants gain exposure to tools that make Math visual and engaging, creating educators driven by empathy and possibility. Open to both men and women, the programme provides opportunities for financial independence and a significant impact on STEM education in India, irrespective of language, educational background, marital status, or location. It spans two modules, each lasting three months, offering 60+ engagement hours and an optional in-person workshop for a deeper experience.

  • Aarohan - Primary Math Educator Programme

    Aarohan, in partnership with Sajhe Sapne, offers a year-long residential programme empowering women with knowledge, skills, and mindsets for proficient Math education. The goal is to make Math a visually engaging and relevant experience, fostering a culture of debate and discussion at the core of training. The sessions focus on two key aspects: building conceptual clarity in primary math topics (Numeracy, Shapes, Fractions, and Measurements) and adopting active thinking classrooms, promoting student engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking through interactive spaces.

  • STEM Educator Programme

    The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programme is a tailored online teacher professional development initiative focused on enhancing educators' skills in Primary Math, Primary Science, Middle School Math, and Middle School Science. The programme aims to uplift teachers by providing specialized training and support in these crucial STEM subjects. Through a customized approach, it addresses the specific needs of teachers, promoting excellence in math and science education at both primary and middle school levels.

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  • Sandhya Gupta


  • Prapti Bhasin

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Shantanu Routh

    Marketing & Tech Lead

  • Akanchha Dubey

    STEM Lead, Maths

  • Sarit Sharma


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    Kandbari-Nanhar Road, Kandbari, Palampur, 176061


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