Bithari Disha

Provides shelter, health, and education to marginalized individuals, prioritizing children and women, aiming for empowerment and upliftment

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    Barasat, West Bengal

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Since 2002, Bithari Disha has been working on climate change and eco-friendly livelihood along with sustainable agriculture, Waste Management, Tree ba Read moresed livelihood, Disaster Management, Water, Sanitation, Health, dignity of work and education. Bithari Disha is dedicated to providing shelter, health, and hygiene to marginalized individuals, especially children and women. Its efforts are driven by empathy and a desire to assist destitute girls and marginalized women. The broad goal encompasses offering basic and relevant education, including vocational and academic, to uplift economically and socially disadvantaged groups. Currently, the focus primarily revolves around mitigating the impending safe drinking water crisis. The organisation’s mission revolves around raising awareness and empowering individuals to independently address their challenges. It aims to encourage people to combat illiteracy, superstitions, social taboos, poverty, and discrimination. Moreover, it strives to harness both local and external human resources for the comprehensive betterment of society. It attempts to empower women to actively engage in various levels of human development initiatives. By effecting changes in social systems, it intends to create a positive impact on people's lives. Collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations is vital for networking, advocacy, and collective development endeavors. It extends assistance to those in need to build strong alliances, fostering awareness, and advocating for human rights and justice.


  • Water initiative

    The high arsenic levels in North 24 Parganas prompted collaborative efforts with the West Bengal Government and international organizations. This partnership led to the establishment of a Water Treatment Plant. Bithari Disha consistently conducts water testing and shares reports, ensuring the provision of safe drinking water to the community.

  • Sanitation initiative

    The organisation’s effort is focused on enhancing the project's efficiency and adhering to strict timelines for completion. This has led to successful involvement in institutional and household sanitation projects.

  • Livelihood initiative

    Migration and trafficking have emerged as significant challenges in the region. As a response, Bithari Disha has undertaken initiatives to address livelihood concerns within the area. The primary thrust is on promoting local handicraft industries to uplift the community. The efforts are particularly directed towards the welfare of villagers residing in regions bounded by international borders on one side and water bodies on the other, leaving limited land for cultivation.

  • Disaster Management Initiative

    The devastating Aila Cyclone of 2009 had a significant impact on West Bengal, particularly in the Sundarban region. The cyclone led to the conversion of a substantial amount of land into barren areas due to heightened salinity levels. Consequently, local communities were compelled to migrate in search of sustainable livelihoods. The focus is on the Nazat area of Sandeshkhali I Block.
    Within this context, the organisation has identified specific families facing these challenges. These families have been engaged in various activities aimed at enhancing their livelihoods and restoring their environment. Initiatives include repairing river embankments, introducing azolla cultivation, promoting vermicomposting, fishing, undertaking mangrove plantation, and establishing nutrition gardens, among others.

  • Food Security Initiative

    The absence of viable livelihood opportunities in villages caught between an international border and a water body, compounded by limited cultivable land, is evident. The organisation advocates the implementation of improved livelihood projects as the core solution to address the challenges of migration and trafficking.

  • Health Initiative

    The organisation aims to activate community demand groups for improved health outcomes, ensuring timely primary treatments, and extending financial assistance during health crises. Additionally, the objective is to halt the exploitation of money lenders for healthcare and foster self-reliance through micro savings, thereby building capacity for independent access to treatment.

  • Education initiative

    The fundamental aim of providing education to society, communities, children, and youth is to foster comprehensive life development and equip them with essential survival skills to navigate various life situations. This includes the intent to guide them towards suitable livelihood options throughout their lives.
    Bithari Disha established a consistent connection between the community, Gram Panchayat, school staff, and students to collaboratively work on school development initiatives. The primary emphasis lies in adopting a hands-on learning approach and bridging the gap between textbooks and real-world environmental context.

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  • Sankari Debnath


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  • Dilip Pal


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    Asst. Secretary

  • Haibur Sardar


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    Bithari, P.S. Swarupnagar, Dist. North 24 Parganas, West Bengal,, Barasat, 743286


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