Mandra Lions Club

Combats hunger and malnutrition in children. Advocates for change, provides education, and offers support to vulnerable students and families by distributing resources and food.

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    Bhanderhati, West Bengal

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The Mandra Lions Club is actively involved in the development of rural areas across seven districts of West Bengal, focusing on providing essential fa Read morecilities and relief efforts. Operating in Purulia, Murshidabad, Malda, Birbhum, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, and Bankura, the organization works closely with all blocks and gram panchayats in these regions. They have a history of providing aid during natural disasters such as the AILA-affected areas of Sundarbans and recent relief efforts across West Bengal. Additionally, they address issues like malnutrition among children by advocating for change through government and higher administration channels. The club also distributes free books, study materials, and food to underprivileged students and families in need. Grateful for the support of generous donors, volunteers, and active members, they aim to continue their impactful initiatives with their unwavering support. Registered under the Register of Societies and Registration Act, XXVI Of 1961, with Reg. No. — S/47519 dated 16-02-1985, and under FCRA with Reg No. — 146990050, their Unique Id of NGO/VO is- WB/2017/0158686.


  • Promoting Human Rights

    The Mandra Lions Club is dedicated to empowering individuals within tribal communities by enhancing their understanding of fundamental human rights. Every individual is entitled to certain basic rights within society, including access to adequate nourishment, shelter, employment, and respect. Unfortunately, those belonging to tribal communities and residing in rural areas often face illiteracy, as well as mistreatment and exploitation by more privileged members of society. Due to this lack of awareness, they are unable to assert their rights guaranteed by the government.
    To address this critical issue, Mandra Lions Club has taken proactive measures to raise awareness and provide guidance. Through organized seminars, it strives to educate tribal community members about their rights, enabling them to comprehend their challenges and advocate for their rightful entitlements.

  • Promoting public health

    Mandra Lions Club is dedicated to elevating the health standards of rural communities in West Bengal through the organization of public health camps. Good health is an invaluable asset in one's life, and a person's well-being is closely linked to their overall happiness. Unfortunately, in a developing nation like India, prioritizing health has often become a luxury that many cannot afford to pursue.
    To address these health concerns, the organisation has taken the initiative to conduct regular public health camps. These camps serve as a platform for us to monitor the health status of community members, provide necessary medical assistance, and educate them about various health-related issues. By doing so, it aims to empower them with knowledge about maintaining good health and preventing illnesses.

  • Women development and empowerment

    Women play a pivotal role in society, tending to the family’s health and overall well-being. Their unwavering dedication often involves making sacrifices of personal aspirations, love, and life itself to create harmonious families and communities. However, society does not always reciprocate their efforts in kind. Women often face hardships, indignities, and restrictions on their potential.
    Recognizing this inequity, Mandra Lions Club has taken a conscientious step towards women's empowerment. It is committed to educating women about their rights, fostering their development, and enabling them to break free from the constraints that hinder their progress. By empowering women, it aims to create a more just and equal society where women's contributions are truly acknowledged and valued.

  • Animal Husbandry

    Animal husbandry involves a sophisticated approach to animal breeding, farming, and the well-being of farm animals. In rural settings, many individuals raise farm animals within their households. The organisation aims to provide guidance on proper maintenance practices, enabling them to not only care for their animals effectively but also to generate sustainable income.
    It offers comprehensive knowledge about animal husbandry, covering aspects such as breeding, nutrition, healthcare, and management. Additionally, it assists in the construction of suitable shelters for the animals. By imparting these skills and insights, it can significantly impact the livelihoods of rural communities, fostering healthier and more productive animal husbandry practices.

  • Child Rights & Education Initiative

    The Mandra Lions Club has undertaken a commendable initiative aimed at providing essential education and benefits to children residing in rural areas. Acknowledging that children are the driving force of our future society, destined to lead us into a new era, this initiative prioritizes the foundation of a healthy environment for them. A society where they can access education, nurture their growth, and above all, exercise their fundamental rights.
    Regrettably, many children within the society are deprived of basic necessities such as proper nutrition and adequate shelter, let alone the opportunity for education. Recognizing this pressing issue, the organisation has stepped forward to extend its support in reinstating these children's rights. The mission is to empower children with the education they deserve, creating a space where they can learn, flourish, and thrive while reclaiming their fundamental rights.

  • Enhancing Livelihoods and Ensuring Food Security

    Mandra Lions Club is committed to ensuring food security for tribal communities by enhancing their living conditions and means of earning a livelihood. Food is a fundamental necessity for every individual, playing a crucial role in sustaining life. Unfortunately, many individuals residing in tribal regions endure days of hunger due to limited access to proper nourishment.
    A major hurdle they face is the lack of resources and opportunities to cultivate their own food. Deprived of suitable fields and the necessary time, they struggle to secure sustenance. To address this pressing concern, the organisation extends its support by providing essential resources and knowledge. Through the distribution of seeds, advanced agricultural tools, and valuable insights, it empowers these communities to cultivate their own food. By doing so, it aims to not only alleviate their immediate hunger but also enhance their overall livelihoods.

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