Samarthan-Centre for Development Support

Enables participatory governance and equitable development in Central India

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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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Samarthan-Centre for Development Support is a prominent nonprofit active in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh since 1995. It firmly believes that the fo Read moreundation for sustainable and fair development lies in effective governance, necessitating the active engagement of all stakeholders, particularly those marginalized and disadvantaged. With a journey spanning 25 years, Samarthan has been dedicated to advancing participatory development and governance, marked by achievements, challenges, and growth. In its initial phase, Samarthan focused on empowering smaller voluntary organisations, enabling them to operate with clear objectives. Its emphasis on enhancing nonprofit management has resulted in a robust grassroots network across undivided Madhya Pradesh. At the heart of its vision is the empowerment of every citizen to play a meaningful role in shaping democratic governance while ensuring equitable benefits. Its mission revolves around fostering participatory governance that prioritizes fairness and inclusivity in development processes. This is accomplished through capacity building, generating evidence, and advocating for the voices of the most marginalized, all aimed at enriching democratic practices.

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The Samarthan Centre for Development Support has made a significant impact through its various initiatives: providing capacity building to 700 rural youths in COVID-19 management; equipping 20 primary health care/Community Health Centers with medical supplies; ensuring access to clean drinking water and functional water sources across 500 villages; establishing grain banks to address hunger and poverty in 30 Gram Panchayats; assisting 41,500 individuals in accessing social security scheme entitlements; connecting 10,300 migrant workers with Government agencies for support; aiding 500 migrant students through the Mohalla Pathshala study center; training 8,300 volunteers, including PRI representatives and youths, in COVID-19 prevention and management; conducting awareness drives for COVID-19 prevention among 30,000 households; securing food security for 500 villages, including PDS; training 800 rural youths on various government programs; facilitating entitlement access and coping mechanisms for 3,000 families impacted by loss; reaching 235,200 individuals through awareness drives, mask, and soap distribution; supporting 19,800 families with essentials, food kits, and cooked meals; aiding 750 Gram Panchayats in establishing quarantine centers, grain banks, and NTFP centers; and assisting 7,100 households with quality seed and kitchen garden development.


  • Center for Social Accountability for Addressing Urban and Rural Poverty (CSAAP)

    The Samarthan Centre has an arm called the Center for Social Accountability for Addressing Urban and Rural Poverty(CSAAP) that improves development programmes by tackling governance challenges due to limited capacities or weak systems. It creates demand for programmes through participation and introduces social accountability tools like audits. It helps local governance in rural and urban areas by gathering evidence and sharing insights with policymakers, focusing on deprived perspectives. CSAAP also trains development professionals, specializing in accountability tools, planning, budget analysis, and strengthening local governance. It promotes networking among elected representatives for holistic progress.

  • Chhattisgarh Samarthan for Participatory Development (CGSPD)

    The Samarthan Centre for Development Support is actively involved in Chhattisgarh, with a dedicated state office in Raipur since 2000. It aims to establish an independent programme management entity for Chhattisgarh, offering shared services while focusing on a diverse range of programs. These programmes, originating from units like CSAP and CEWASH, will benefit from strategic guidance as needed. The three centres will collaborate, drawing on each other's expertise, yet maintaining their independent management. As they evolve, they will operate as distinct entities under the Samarthan group, guided by a Governance unit led by the Executive Director/Vice President. This unit will provide strategic direction and governance support to the emerging independent entities within Samarthan.

  • Center for Environment, Water, Sanitation and Community Health (CEWASH)

    The Samarthan Centre for Development Support has expanded its grassroots projects into significant initiatives, particularly focusing on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). Community health programs and novel Watershed projects have also gained momentum. A new arm, Samarthan in Participatory Action (SIPA), has been registered as a non-profit and is awaiting FCRA approval. The organisation is determined to nurture SIPA into a hub for grassroots efforts, with a strong emphasis on capacity-building for professionals and grassroots workers. This involves showcasing effective models, advocating for people's needs, and specializing in key areas like Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Community Health, Sustainable Environment (including watershed and agriculture), and Livelihoods through Skill Development.

  • Samarth Residential Training Centre

    Samarthan Centre manages Samarthan Residential Training Centre, perfect for meetings and seminars, near Chunna Bhatti's Green Avenue. It's preferred by civil society groups seeking affordable, equipped venues. With two halls and lodging for 50, it's ideal for conferences. Meeting Hall 1 seats 40-45 with AC, projector, audio, and whiteboard; Hall 2 accommodates 60-70 on mattresses or 25 at round tables, with AC, projector, mic, whiteboard, and flip charts. Extras like stationery, photocopying, and laptops are available. 16 guest rooms, Wi-Fi, and vegetarian/non-vegetarian meals provided.

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  • Dr. Yogesh Kumar

    Executive Director

  • Shrdha Kumar

    Programme Director

  • Dr. Madhu Verma


  • Ashok Kumar Surana


  • Prof. Rajendra Gupta



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    Registration No.01 dated 10.4.1996 registered Under M.P Public Registration Act

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    36, Green Avenue, Chuna Bhatti, Kolar Road, Bhopal


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