Society for Environment and Sustainable Development

Empowers through education, environmental awareness, and health initiatives, fostering a better future for all

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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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SENSED NGO, the Society for Environment and Sustainable Development was established on August 3, 2011. It traces its origins back to 2003 when Dr Sona Read morel Mehta, an Environmentalist, Accredited Editor Journalist, Educationalist, QCI Accredited Socio-Economic consultant, Academician, Law Professional, and District Member for Human Rights Commission, began the journey. The initiative commenced with the education of three children, leading to transformative changes in their lives. The organisation's ethos revolves around self-improvement and aspiring for a brighter collective future. The organisation has set forth several objectives. These include the empowerment of women, spreading awareness about environmental concerns, promoting education, addressing illiteracy, and enhancing understanding of health-related matters. The organisation pursues these objectives through diverse avenues. It operates an Environment Weekly Newspaper, a CBSE-affiliated school, and multiple Mohalla skill development centres and schools. Furthermore, it actively engages in campaigns, seminars, events, and other initiatives to comprehensively address these objectives and contribute to their fulfilment.


  • Education Programme

    It engages in promoting education, specifically targeting children and women's welfare, dedicated to offering exceptional learning experiences in rural regions. The establishment of "The Global School of Excellence" illustrates its commitment to furnishing high-quality education within the Obedullaganj block of Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh. As a prominent educational NGO in India, it strives to ensure comprehensive growth for its students, integrating co-curricular pursuits, artistic elements, sports, and various parallel engagements into their learning journey. These initiatives are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and ample resources.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    SENSED prioritizes women's empowerment as a means to alleviate poverty and preserve the environment. Despite progress, achieving gender parity, as indicated by the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, remains a distant prospect. It addresses this by providing vocational training in skills like embroidery, computer literacy, sewing, and beauty treatments, enabling disadvantaged women to achieve financial independence. This not only betters their lives but also contributes to society's economic growth. Additionally, SENSED strives to promote gender equality, improve women's economic status, and enhance family welfare through education and entrepreneurial training. The organisation seeks to elevate women's societal roles and impact, fostering a more equitable and empowered future.

  • Environment Protection Programme

    The organisation is dedicated to instilling environmental values within the community. With a special focus on children, it engages them in the meaningful act of planting and nurturing saplings that grow into trees. By encouraging these activities, it aims to cultivate a sense of responsibility and attachment to nature among future generations. Over time, these small initiatives are anticipated to evolve into personal habits and societal norms, eventually fostering a lifestyle that prioritizes environmental well-being. Ultimately, SENSED envisions a healthier environment attained through sustainable development as a result of these collective efforts.

Leadership Team

  • Nirmal Kothari


  • Vardhaman Mehta

    Vice - President

  • Dr. Sonal Mehta


  • Sneh Lata Kothari


  • Hitanshi Jain

    Core Team

  • Dr Sonal Mehta

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    Duplex 21, Virasha Heights, nearKali Mandir-Danish Bridge; Bawadiyankalan, Bhopal, 462016

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