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Pioneers innovative poverty-alleviation solutions through direct engagement, research, and strategic expertise

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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End Poverty (EP) is a civil society organisation founded in 2009, situated in India. It collaborates with both national and international entities to Read morecreate and implement inventive solutions aimed at alleviating poverty among the Indian population. It adopts a transformative strategy, empowering individuals to initiate change, guiding them in identifying solutions, and facilitating informed decision-making. The organization tailors its programs by engaging directly with the intended beneficiaries and understanding their needs and aspirations. These initiatives are carefully crafted through thorough research and benefit from scientific and strategic insights provided by a team of dedicated professionals and experts. EP's distinctive approach centres on enabling and empowering individuals, fostering a sense of agency among the target demographic. Through a comprehensive understanding of beneficiary groups, coupled with strategic inputs, the organisation seeks to address the multifaceted challenges associated with poverty. By championing informed decision-making and involving the community in the process, EP strives to bring about sustainable change and improve the lives of those it serves.

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For the past 14 years, End Poverty has worked to uplift the impoverished in India, ensuring 100% transparency and dedication to its programmes and mission. The organisation has positively impacted over 60,000 individuals, due to the commitment of over 100 volunteers who contribute to fostering a culture of empowerment within their local communities.


  • Diary Development Programme

    End Poverty (EP) engages in Dairy Development, inspired by Dr. Verghese Kurien's 'Operation Flood' which transformed India into the world's leading milk producer. This initiative doubled the per-person milk availability and quadrupled the overall milk output in just 30 years. Recognizing the economic significance of dairy farming, especially amidst diminishing land holdings and reliance on rainfall for irrigation, EP addresses the challenges in the sector. Despite Government efforts, only 30% of the country's milk surplus is procured by the organised dairy sector, leaving the majority in the hands of unorganized players. EP intervenes in this scenario to break the exploitation cycle faced by farmers in the dairy value chain, working towards a more organised and equitable system.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Programme

    End Poverty (EP) is actively expanding its Sustainable Agriculture Development programme, prioritizing agricultural sustainability. The organisation encourages farmers to adopt best practices, emphasizing sustainable techniques for optimal resource use and conservation of life support systems, particularly in land and water. EP focuses on enhancing farmers' income through value chain development, promoting less water-consuming crops, and providing training in climate-resilient farming. It ensures increased productivity and income by supplying quality inputs, offering soil health management services, and facilitating soil health cards. EP empowers farmers with exposure visits to agricultural universities, fostering knowledge exchange on modern agricultural techniques.

  • Programme to Address Climate Change

    End Poverty (EP) places a crucial emphasis on addressing Climate Change due to the pressing challenges faced by agriculture in meeting the demands of a growing population. The organisation recognizes the heightened vulnerability of agriculture to climate change, evident in rising temperatures, erratic weather patterns, agroecosystem shifts, invasive crops, and more frequent extreme weather events. These impacts adversely affect crop yields, nutritional quality of major cereals, and livestock productivity. In response, EP is dedicated to mitigating climate change by fostering Climate Resilient Agriculture among farmers. Through its programmes, the organisation actively works towards shaping a brighter future, taking comprehensive actions to safeguard the well-being of both current and future generations.

  • Education Programme

    End Poverty (EP) directs its attention to Education, recognizing the significant barriers hindering access to quality education for marginalized communities, particularly in rural areas, impeding their economic growth. The organisation acknowledges the pivotal role education plays in nation-building and understands that any impediment to its accessibility can have profound repercussions for society. Economic disparities and entrenched patriarchal norms exacerbate the issue, leading to alarming dropout rates among female students. By the 9th grade, 30% of girls leave school, and this figure worsens to 57% by the 11th grade. EP is committed to addressing this educational disparity as it deprives a substantial portion of the population of the opportunity to contribute to the economic and social well-being of society.

  • Rural Development Programme

    End Poverty (EP) centres its efforts on Rural Development, recognizing that the rural population constitutes approximately 68.84% of India's total population according to the 2011 Census Data. Understanding the imperative nature of involving this vast rural populace in any development initiative, EP is committed to driving change at the grassroots level in its operational areas. The organisation focuses on building the capacities of rural communities, aiming to identify and empower agents of change within these communities. This approach reflects EP's dedication to fostering sustainable development by actively engaging and uplifting the rural population.

Leadership Team

  • Vinod Kaushik

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. K K Upadhyay

    Member, Governing Body

  • Flt. Lt. (Dr.) Renu Lamba

    Member, Governing Body

  • Damodar Sharma

    Member, Governing Body

  • Sudhir Sharma

    Member, Governing Body

  • Pratibha Dusraj Pal

    Member, Governing Body


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