Grameen Foundation for Social Impact

Empowers disadvantaged people, especially women, to overcome poverty and hunger through all-inclusive interventions

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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Grameen Foundation for Social Impact (GFSI) is a non-profit organisation founded by Grameen Foundation India in 2012. GFSI is committed to improving t Read morehe lives of the impoverished, with a particular emphasis on women's empowerment. GFSI, which is registered under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act 2013, wants to build a world free of poverty and hunger. GFSI emphasises encouraging women's empowerment, health, and nutrition while also offering access to financial services, livelihood opportunities, agricultural commodities and services. Its approach is founded on a thorough grasp of the demands and issues confronting low-income people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. GFSI removes hurdles on both the demand and supply sides through community participation, adaptable models, technology applications, and innovative collaborations, assuring the uptake, scalability, and sustainability of their solutions.

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Grameen Foundation For Social Impact has reached 1,085,000 consumers and beneficiaries and actuated 3,000 Grameen Mittras.


  • Innovations in Digital Finance Programme

    Through two main programmes, GFSI drives digital financial innovation. BEADS performs informed studies with Business Correspondent Network Managers (BCNMs) to rapidly recruit new BC Agents, increasing their chances for success and empowering young women as BCs. In Uttar Pradesh, anchoring BC Sakhis for Financial Inclusion include training women to be BC Sakhis, promoting financial independence, and developing the BC network for domestic financial services. These efforts, which are backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, demonstrate GFSI's dedication to the advancement of digital financial systems.

  • Agriculture & Livelihoods Programme

    GFSI's agriculture and livelihood programmes include a number of projects. The Uttar Pradesh Diversified Support Project (UPDASP) encourages the formation of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) in order to improve economic stability and market access for small and marginal farmers. By boosting FPOs and utilising digital technologies to improve income and adaptability, the Market Access eNabled via Digital Innovations (MANDI) project empowers smallholders, particularly women. The GoUP-BMGF partnership Transform Agriculture Eco-System in Uttar Pradesh (TRAGEUP) promotes equitable changes in agriculture by concentrating on diversified farming, women-friendly technology adoption, and market linkages. GFSI provides technical assistance to GoUP, aiding project implementation and mainstreaming.

  • Health & Nutrition Programme

    GFSI promotes health and nutrition, enabling disadvantaged populations with research-based Maternal, Newborn, Child Health, and Nutrition (MNCHN) programmes. The Driving Vaccination Confidence via Social Media Innovations (D-VACSI) project tackles resistance to taking vaccines by harnessing social media platforms to boost vaccination confidence among low-income rural households and deprived communities. D-VACSI generates insights and reliable information, which contributes to worldwide vaccination efforts and the control of transmissible diseases.

  • Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme

    GFSI contributes to women's economic empowerment as an essential component of eradicating poverty, encouraging gender equality, and ensuring long-term development. Its women's economic empowerment division focuses on empowering South Asian deprived women and teenage girls, allowing them to break down barricades, confront partialities, and realise their full potential. GFSI supports women participating in economic activities, particularly in firms, through strategic interventions and the WEE Framework by addressing the various social obstacles they experience. The comprehensive approach of GFSI strives to develop change agents who can influence policy for a fairer world.

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  • Prabhat Labh

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Induja Rai


  • Purna Roy Chowdhury

    Associate Director

  • Arabdha Das

    Programme Head

  • Rishabh Bhardwaj

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    E-86, Lower Ground Floor, Sun City, Sector 54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, 122011


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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)