Kashmir Humanity Foundation

Works in various areas, including Health, Education, Child Welfare, Women Empowerment, Disability, and Safe Water, primarily operating in Jammu & Kashmir

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    Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir

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The Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF) India is a non-profit organisation working on various areas, including Health, Education, Child Welfare, Women E Read morempowerment, Disability, and Safe Water, primarily operating in Jammu & Kashmir, India. KHF India runs programs such as an orphanage for girl children, tailoring institutes for women, educational training centres for unemployed youth, healthcare and hygiene initiatives in remote areas, and financial assistance to elderly and disabled individuals. Its vision is to contribute significantly to providing quality education, healthcare, livelihood opportunities, and orphan care facilities to socially and economically disadvantaged people in India. Its mission is to educate both the underprivileged and the world about poverty, emphasising the importance of passing on education to those in need. KHF India is a non-religious, non-political organisation committed to equal opportunities and cultural preservation.


  • Skill Training Program

    Its a Non-Traditional Skills Training Program for women, focusing on providing technical and vocational education to low-income and unskilled women. The program covers various areas, including entrepreneurship, life skills, gender issues, remedial literacy, numeracy, cutting and tailoring, embroidery, papermashi work, beautician courses, self-help groups, sheep and goat unit training, information technology, mobile repairing, and other skills based on community needs. This six-month, part-time program, totaling 320 hours of training, is open to women aged 18-50 who are unskilled, unemployed, or earn low wages, aiming to empower them with valuable skills for better employment opportunities and self-sufficiency.

  • Mission Education

    Mission Education focuses on addressing the critical challenges facing underprivileged children and youth. The statistics presented emphasise the urgency of this mission, from high dropout rates to health and social issues affecting children. KHF INDIA believes that education is the foundation for tackling these problems, as it empowers individuals to improve their livelihoods and raises awareness on various issues. The program includes educational initiatives for different age groups, from preschool to adolescent girls. By sponsoring a child, individuals can make a significant impact on their holistic development, ensuring better access to education and healthcare. With a monthly contribution, donors receive updates on the child's progress, tax benefits, and the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with the sponsored child, contributing to their growth and development.

  • Livelihood

    The livelihood program is an initiative aimed at empowering marginalized youth with the skills needed in the modern job market. It bridges the gap between demand and supply of skilled labour in emerging sectors like services and retail. It offers training in areas like English proficiency, computer education, soft skills, embroidery, cutting and tailoring, and candle making.

  • Women Empowerment

    KHF India has launched an initiative for the sustainable development of underprivileged women and girls. This program, initiated in 2011, is aligned with national empowerment goals and focuses on empowering women and girls by providing educational support, reproductive and child health services, involving men, imparting life skills, and fostering community mobilization, aiming to enhance self-esteem and inner strength among marginalized women and girls.

  • Youth Development

    The goal is to inspire and empower the youth of India to discover their talents and undertake collective nation-building activities for a better 21st century. With 70 percent of the population under 35 years, there's a significant opportunity but also a challenge to provide positive pathways for these young individuals. Recognizing that the government alone cannot address this, KHF India takes the lead in empowering youth, especially in remote, rural, and underserved areas. They offer various training programs, including sheep and goat unit training, information technology courses, mobile repairing, industrial training, English speaking courses, and awareness and counselling, ensuring that youth's potential is utilized constructively.

  • Emergency

    KHF India collaborates with governments, NGOs, local communities, and individuals to prepare for and prevent both sudden and slowly unfolding disasters. When disaster strikes, their Rapid Response Team, strategically positioned across India, ensures a swift and relevant response, distributing essential supplies like safe water, food, medical aid, shelters, blankets, and cooking equipment to those in need. Moreover, KHF India focuses on reducing risk by training communities and implementing measures to enhance their preparedness and resilience in the face of future emergencies.

  • Outreach Programme

    The Outreach program by Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF) India is designed to directly implement community development initiatives for corporate and development agencies. This program focuses on sustainable development with a special emphasis on underprivileged children and women, covering various thematic areas. In contrast to KHF's Social Venture Philanthropy model, which involves grassroots organizations, Outreach collaborates with corporate and development organizations to implement development initiatives directly in targeted areas. This approach serves a dual purpose: it advances corporate and development organizations' CSR objectives through effective implementation and enhances KHF's understanding of program implementation on the ground. The program employs innovative methodologies to expand community social development programs in specific locations, facilitated by a dedicated team.

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