Sanjhi Tokri

Aims to empower farmers and increase their ownership in the value chain by reducing the number of middlemen involved in the process of selling produce to cities

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  • Noida, Delhi


Sanjhi Tokri works to provide farmers a larger part of the value chain and provide urban areas with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Because the Read moreproduce is sourced directly from farmers, customers get cheaper rates, and farmers get a higher and more stable income. Sanjhi Tokri works to economically empower farmer families through its supply chain. The farmers are in charge of growing and producing the vegetables, milk, and eggs, conducting the first quality check, sorting, and overseeing the local logistics from the farm to the village collection center. The village women weave baskets for packaging, clean and cut the vegetables, and process dahi and paneer. The village youth work on operations management, accounting, quality control, and the logistics from rural to urban area. Delivery is done using auto drivers, providing them more income. As a result, 70% of revenue goes back to the farmer and the village. It also aims to increase the fruit and vegetable quality consumed by people in urban areas. The produce is grown using Ganga-belt water, instead of Yamuna-belt water which is full of chemicals. In addition, it promotes farmer engagement by trying to bring customers and farmers together. Additionally, Sanjhi Tokri aims to be environmentally friendly. To do so, it uses biodegradable baskets made from recycled newspapers for delivery. It also uses less chemicals in the producing the crop, which is better for the soil and for the plants. It also reuses the glass milk bottles and packs milk products using khulad, which is made from clay and is bio-degradable.


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  • Agriculture


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C-15, sector 65

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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