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Works to develop rural India through its rural libraries and its open rural information platform

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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Rural Relations works to contribute to the development of rural India, and works with thousands of villages in India, promoting education, literacy, a Read morend digitalization. It also works with corporations to offer insight into the market in villages, and helps them enter it. Gyan-key library initiative is a major rural reading initiative, with at least one primary book on each genre. 33 successful programs and contests run for Gyan-key school students, teachers & Principals have seen participation of 1,93,000 rural students. 3 Gyan-key libraries are opened every working day. With the help of Non-Resident villagers (NRV) 3,820 Gyan-key libraries were installed in rural secondary schools of Maharashtra in 1,480 working days benefiting 1 million rural students. 8,50,000 books worth almost 26 million rupees have been distributed in total. villagewiKY Initiative is an open rural information platform, with data such as demography, geography, ecography, sociography, shops, and institutes of each village. Rural Relations' village developers collect data sent by villagers and Non-Resident villagers, contributing and adding information on their villages.


5,800+ Gyan-key libraries set up. 760 Fit-key equipment items distributed. 1,075 audio libraries installed. 14.08 lakh (1.4 million) books + audios made available.


  • Gyan-key

    Gyan-key is the world's largest rural reading initiative. With the installation of three Gyan-key libraries every working day, the initiative has successfully placed over 5,800 libraries, offering books of various genres, in rural secondary schools, police stations, and offices across seven states. This achievement has been made possible with the support of Non-Resident Villagers (NRV) in 2,380 working days. Over 1.3 million readers, including rural students, police officers, staff, and individuals, have benefited from this program. The initiative has gifted books worth Rs. 5.8 crore (58 million+) to schools and readers, promoting the use of regional languages and enriching lives through literature.

  • Fit-key

    Maintaining a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind, as they are closely interconnected. To promote physical well-being, it is recommended to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, with a preference for outdoor sports when possible. Following a regular fitness regimen helps in keeping fit and staying alert. As part of this initiative, 760 Fit-key equipment items, including volleyball, football, cones, rings, skipping ropes, basketballs, and hoops, have been installed in both rural and corporation schools, encouraging physical activity and fitness among students.

  • VillageWiKY

    villagewiKY presents “rating” of 67,000 feeder villages on education, health, drinking water, electricity, tar roads, swachh bharat & solar power

  • Village developer

    The village developer, acting as a sincere well-wisher of the villagers, assumes the role of a rural relationship manager. They serve as a crucial bridge connecting an organization with the village community, functioning as the authentic voice representing the product, brand, or service. These village developers are carefully chosen from the same state, region, taluka/block, or village, ensuring their familiarity with the local dialect and deep awareness of the ecosystem. Their presence not only facilitates effective communication but also offers the advantage of saving both travel time and expenses when compared to an outsider.

  • bHub

    bHub (Business/Bharat Hub August 2020) has a mission to enhance the quality of life for over 85% of the rural population, encompassing more than 13 crore households. This initiative aims to create substantial employment opportunities for rural youth and unlock vast business potential across manufacturing, service, and agriculture sectors in rural India.
    The approach involves the transformation of three key existing establishments in Indian villages:
    1. 2,50,000 secondary schools
    2. 1,80,000 Public Health Centers (PHCs)
    3. 1,39,000 post offices
    These establishments will serve as the foundation for the bHub initiative, with a strong focus on improving their structural and functional aspects. bHub facilities will be designed to be appealing, eco-friendly, and equipped with modern technology and amenities.
    A standardized methodology will ensure consistency across the nation, with a particular emphasis on addressing the needs of tribal areas.

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