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Promotes farming and careers in the agricultural sector by introducing innovations in farming practices and increasing profitability

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    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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The goal of AgroNxt is to transform farmers from livelihood earners to profitable Agripreneurs (entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector), making farm Read moreing an aspirational career choice. It aims to do this through making innovations in farming easily accessible to farmers, ensuring these methods are affordable, so that farming becomes a profitable business rather than just a source of livelihood. First, AgroNxt scouts for innovation in agriculture around the globe. Then, after an intensive selection process, it chooses a few of these innovations that pass parameters such as affordability, scalability, ease of adoption, farmer ROI, etc. Finally, it distributes these products and services through a network of channel partners. As a result, AgroNxt improves productivity, quality and price realization, while reducing production costs and pre-harvest losses. In addition, it is building a user level data pipeline and an AI powered smart platform. Some products are the e-Farm NXT Card and Raíz (Optimization Technology), a technology which overcomes the limitations of soil capabilities to yield healthy crops. The AgroNxt Farmer App is designed for the farming community to act as a bridge that connects farmers, input companies, input sellers, and the rural youth. The m-commerce app also has a problem solver tool and a seed selector. The problem solver tool enables symptom based diagnosis for different crop problems such as weeds, insects, pests, etc.

Demographies Served


  • AgroNxt Farmer +

    AgroNxt Farmer+ extends a range of valuable features to its customers, enabling them to enhance their farming experience. Users can effortlessly add unlimited plots and crops to the application, digitize their soil cards, access a handy crop calendar, and seek expert advice by asking queries. The platform allows users to easily download invoices, track their spending, and make online payments. They can benefit from video advisory services, locate nearby shops, navigate through a user-friendly dashboard, and even share their farming experiences with others.

  • AgroNxt Business +

    AgroNxt Business + is a versatile application that provides customers with a comprehensive suite of features. It enables users to view a 360-degree plot view, efficiently manage customer accounts, handle billing, returns, and deposits seamlessly, and facilitate online payment management. Additionally, the application allows for the easy download of reports, offers location-specific business management capabilities, streamlines inventory management, supports various schemes and promotions, and provides a user-friendly dashboard for intuitive navigation. Users can stay informed with timely notifications and make informed decisions with the assistance of the built-in crop advisory tool.

  • AgroNxt Bhu-Parikshak

    AgroNxt Bhu-Parikshak is an innovative smart soil testing device harnessing the power of IR-Spectroscopy and AI/ML technologies to provide customers with precise soil testing results. This portable and handheld device eliminates the need for any chemicals in the soil testing process and operates with minimal power consumption, delivering instant results directly to the customer’s smartphone. The platform offers accessible reports and a dashboard for future reference. To ensure optimal accuracy, Bhu-Parikshak requires calibration due to variations in spectral ranges arising from diverse Agro Climatic regions and soil types. AgroNxt collaborates closely with customers to deliver calibrated results, with the hardware cost and a nominal recurring test charge being the customer's responsibility to access this valuable service.

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  • Manoranjan Singh Bhandari


  • Rajat Vardhan

    Founder & CEO

  • Paritosh Segal


  • Vaibhav Bhamoriya


  • Hemendra Mathur


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    AgroNxt Services Private Limited IIT Kanpur Outreach Center, C Block, Sector 62, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201309

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    Private Limited Company