Precision Agriculture for Development

Provide information and support to small time farmers in developing nations

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    Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) enables small time farmers from developing nations to utilize precision agriculture technologies. This hel Read moreps get access to customized information and support services which enables them to make changes to agricultural practices thus increasing their yield. PAD uses updates in innovation and technology to improve the lives of these small time farmers by helping them improve their agriculture methodologies. They provide information specific to their needs, thus making it relevant. They are currently operational in India, Kenya, Pakistan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ecuador, and Bangladesh.


  • Ama Krushi


    The Ama Krushi service, developed by PxD and administered by the Government of Odisha, stands as PxD's most extensive and significant offering. Currently, Ama Krushi serves a vast network of over three million farmers, providing them with tailored information across 29 value chains, encompassing crops, fisheries, various livestock categories, poultry, and kitchen gardens.
    Ama Krushi, which translates to "Farmer's Friend" or "Farmer's Companion," is a bidirectional digital agricultural advisory service that is offered free of cost through the Department of Agriculture and Farmers' Empowerment (DAFE) under the Government of Odisha. This service empowers farmers by furnishing them with valuable guidance to optimize their crop cultivation, livestock management, and fisheries practices.

  • Coffee Krishi Taranga

    Starting from 2018, Precision Development (PxD) has joined forces with the Coffee Board of India (CBI), a statutory body, to deliver the Coffee Krishi Taranga (CKT) digital advisory service to coffee cultivators.
    As of October 2022, CKT had been catering to slightly over 76,500 coffee growers across the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. In 2021, the Walmart Foundation made an announcement regarding its support for the expansion and deepening of PxD's collaboration with CBI. This support aimed to scale up services to reach 150,000 coffee farmers and extend the service to an additional state. Consequently, in September 2022, PxD successfully initiated its services in Andhra Pradesh. The grant from the Walmart Foundation will empower PxD to foster expertise and concentrate its services in three critical facets of the coffee industry: (i) sustainability, (ii) establishing market connections, and (iii) promoting gender inclusion.

  • Krishi Tarang


    Gujarat serves as PxD's inaugural operational location in India, and Krishi Tarang stands as its longest-running continuously provided service. Since PxD possesses complete ownership and control over Krishi Tarang, this service functions as a testing ground, allowing it to experiment with novel concepts and innovations.
    The distinct operational environment of Krishi Tarang empowers it to progress key aspects of product development and research. This includes refining our theory of change, conducting pilot initiatives for fresh service and product offerings, and investigating innovative collaborations with private enterprises to enhance its ability to connect farmers with markets.
    Over the course of 2021 and 2022, support from the Swiss Re Foundation has facilitated the establishment of valuable new connections and partnerships with private sector firms. This has enabled it to extend a broader spectrum of services to smallholder farmers.

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  • Ashish Kamra

    Research Manager India Team

  • Bhaumik Shah

    Head of Operations Central Support Team, India Team

  • Gagandeep Kaur

    Head of Programs India Team, Leadership Team

  • Niriksha Shetty

    Chief of Programs Central Support Team, India Team, Leadership Team

  • Pallavi Jain

    Manager - Partnerships and New Programs India Team

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