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Empowers social entrepreneurs and driving sustainable development by accelerating impactful initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

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    Hyderabad, Telangana

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The Surge Impact Foundation is an accelerator that helps social firms, CSR projects, and individuals achieve long-term development goals in India and Read morearound the world. The Foundation's mission is to build Telangana's largest Impact Ecosystem Network, nurture social entrepreneurs and changemakers, and pioneer activities that fit with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its work focuses on CSR advocacy and social enterprise support through a variety of programmes that target crucial issues such as climate action, diversity and inclusion, and constitutional literacy. The Surge Impact Foundation plays a key role in developing a positive impact on society and promoting long-term development in India and abroad.


  • Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme

    The Surge Impact Foundation has launched the Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation programme to address climate change in India and support climate entrepreneurs. The programme provides tailored support to entrepreneurs in the early stages of their ventures, focusing on financial and operational modelling, solution design, marketing, and impact measurement. It also promotes personal resilience and entrepreneurial competencies through leadership coaching and access to investors. Subject specific boot camps and technical experts help participants develop their ventures, while peer-to-peer learning and market linkages foster collaboration and growth. The programme offers ongoing alumni support to ensure long-term success and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs beyond the incubation period.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme

    The LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurship Incubation Program empowers and supports LGBTQIA+ social entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive 9-month support to individuals, NGOs, and for-profit enterprises working for LGBTQIA+ betterment. It includes training, coaching, and leadership development for an entrepreneurial mindset. Participants access a diverse network of advisors, mentors, and investors, facilitating valuable networking and learning. Expert-led sessions enhance skills, and peer-to-peer learning promotes knowledge exchange. An alumni community ensures ongoing collaboration. Seed grants are awarded based on idea potential, offering crucial financial assistance to kickstart and nurture ventures.

  • Constitutional Literacy Programme

    The programme aims to engage citizens of various age groups, identities, and social backgrounds across different geographical locations. It seeks to create a space that encourages individuals to understand, acknowledge, and practice constitutional values in their everyday lives, families, and communities. Through dialogues centred on constitutional values, the programme aims to foster psychosocial transformation in a safe and value-based environment. To further these objectives, SIF has organized events such as "Rap for Rajyangam" on Instagram; a gathering called "74 years of Indian Constitution" on Constitution Day at Lamakaan, and implemented a five-month Constitutional Literacy Module at Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) reaching out to adolescent girls.

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  • Shreelatha Janagam

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    IIIT – International Institute of Information Technology, Vindhya C4, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, 500032

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