Srijan - Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Actions

Works on implementation of self reliant models for poverty alleviation and rural development through interventions in agriculture, horticulture, dairy, livestock and natural resource management

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Srijan(Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Actions) works towards grass-root implementation of self-reliant models of rural development. It is comm Read moreitted to working with deprived sections of society by promoting community-based institutions. It intends to engage them in multiple livelihood activities with both backward and forward linkages. Its primary areas of work include horticulture, water resource management, agriculture, livelihood, dairy and livestock. The organisation aims to improve and enhance access to markets as well as consumers. It also works towards introducing technology, financial literacy and management capacity to help develop sustainable models of livelihood in rural areas.

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Srijan has assisted in creating 5,160 self-help groups, 9 federations, 11 farmer producer organisations, 1,50,000 high availability watershed works, 28,700 individual assets, 5 crop-based value chains, 2 livestock-based value chains, 6 collaborations with premier institutions, 18 crores Rupees of cumulative savings, 85 crores Rupees in internal lending, 7 Value Chains, 7 farmer producer companies helping 45,000 small marginal farmers.


  • Community Institutions with Management Capacity

    Srijan supports the creation of collective institutions like Self-help Groups, Women Producer Groups or Village Level Collection Centres. It intends to involve in capacity building and create leadership for efficiently managing these institutions, and to this end, it organises training programmes for community leaders at each stage of the formation of the institution.

    The programmes are tailored to suit the type of institution being formed and are aimed at building management capacity and leadership to take the development forward.

  • Appropriate Technology

    Srijan believes that rural development can be supplemented and accelerated with the use of the right technology. It is promoting various technologies to improve the quality of production in dairy, agriculture, forest produce, food processing, horticulture and natural resource management.

    It not only demonstrates technological innovations to farmers but effectively handholds them to put them to use and derive benefits from them.

  • Acccess to Finance

    Being able to access micro-finance for minor needs like family, health, education and livelihood is a challenge faced by low-income villagers.

    Srijan promotes the formation of self-help groups and women-led federations following the Pancha-sutras of saving, enabling the establishment of a good financial system and also the availability of micro-credits.

  • Soil and Water Management

    It acts to help small landholders and address problems of water and irrigation, these being the most important issues which trouble small Indian farmers.

    Srijan works to create solutions to manage land and water and also create resources, it involves itself from basic land levelling operations to climate-resistant cropping systems to assist small farmers across the country.

  • Access to Markets

    Indian farmers are at the bottom end of the market chain leading them to be economically challenged. Srijan helps to address this by introducing a minimum level of processing to add value to their produce and creating collection centres in villages to gather produce.

    It additionally provides services to the farmers, from primary aggregation centres to processing centres and the promotion of cooperatives, farmer groups and farmer producer organisations.

    It mobilises a team of community professionals to engage with the farming community and promote collective marketing, grading, sorting and processing methods to ensure marketable quality and quantity of produce.

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  • Prasanna Khemariya

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Purushottam Dhakar

    Programme Director

  • Ved Arya


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    4, Community Shopping Centre, 1st Floor, Anupam Apartments, Mehrauli, Badarpur Road, Saidullajab, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, 110068


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