Empowers disadvantaged women in rural India, combating poverty and inequality through community capacity building and women's leadership

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    Alwar, Rajasthan

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Ibtada is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation operating in the Mewat region of Rajasthan. Its aim is to uplift disadvantaged women through org Read moreanizing, education, and empowerment. Working in over 550 villages across various districts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, Ibtada focuses on economically and socially empowering marginalized communities, particularly women, to combat poverty and inequality. Its strategies include strengthening community institutions, prioritizing women and girls, nurturing grassroots women leaders, collaborating with the government for effective outreach, and forming alliances with civil society and other organizations sharing common goals. At Ibtada, the driving force is to contribute to a better world by addressing rural poverty and deprivation. It acknowledges the challenges posed by limited resources and diverse issues, and actively collaborates with the Government and other NGOs to find innovative solutions and make a meaningful impact. By envisioning a society where disadvantaged groups have equal rights and access to resources, Ibtada strives to reduce poverty, deprivation, and discrimination through community capacity building and women's empowerment at the forefront of their mission.

Demographies Served


  • Savings and Credit Based Community Institutions


    , Ibtada, focuses on promoting women's empowerment through savings and credit-based community institutions. Its three-tier institutional architecture (SHGs, Clusters, and Federations) forms the foundation for various programmes such as financial inclusion, livelihoods, girls' empowerment, and rights & entitlements. Through SHGs, women engage in regular savings and gain access to loans, reducing the risk of social exclusion and poverty. Federations help SHGs access credit from banks and provide additional loans for specific purposes like toilet and house construction. Capacity building is a crucial aspect, with regular training for SHG members to strengthen their management skills. Additionally, the digitization of SHGs through the E-Shakti Project aims to bring members under the fold of financial inclusion, providing easier access to financial services and smoother banking interactions.

  • Women Led Livelihoods


    In the area of women-led livelihoods, Ibtada empowers local women as Krishi Sakhis, trained to disseminate agricultural knowledge and improve farming practices for increased yield. It works with over 2000 goat-rearing families, providing technical support through Pashu Sakhis to enhance goat productivity. Additionally, Ibtada focuses on dairy-based livelihoods, enhancing milk productivity for farmers and ensuring fair prices through the Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company. The organisation also promotes women entrepreneurs by offering market knowledge and financial support, allowing them to start small businesses and diversify their income sources. Through these interventions, women are empowered to create sustainable livelihoods and reduce dependency on traditional agricultural or husbandry income.

  • The Women Entrepreneur Programme

    The Women Entrepreneur Program by Ibtada began in 2019, supporting more than 200 women from different villages in Alwar, Rajasthan, in their entrepreneurial ventures. Selected from the community cadre or sakhis, these women receive continuous guidance and assistance to start and expand their businesses. Workshops on business accounts and finance, along with local exposure visits to nearby markets, are organized to enhance their knowledge and skills. Financial support is provided through Self-Help Groups and Federations in their respective villages, empowering them to pursue successful entrepreneurial journeys.

  • Education Programme


    In the education domain, Ibtada focuses on improving learning outcomes through remedial teaching for students in classes I to V. It establishes School Management Committees to enhance the learning environment and provide financial support for school infrastructure improvements. With an upper primary school and libraries in Government schools, It promotes reading habits. Student involvement is encouraged through Bal Sansad and supplementary education in English and Mathematics supports girls in grades 6 to 8. New innovations include English teaching inputs and increasing ownership of best practices among government school teachers. Six senior secondary schools will be developed as Resource Schools, focusing on the primary section.

  • Girls Empowerment Programme

    In the area of girls' empowerment, Ibtada offers a comprehensive programme focusing on life skills education, computer education, and career counselling. Life skills sessions at Girls Resource Centers (GRC) help build confidence, communication, critical thinking, and reproductive health awareness. Free computer courses and transport facilities are provided to girls from rural poor households, enabling access to education and opportunities. GRCs also serve as safe spaces for peer support and academic guidance. Additionally, career counselling sessions assist girls in goal setting and exploring various job opportunities, while skill development workshops equip them with vocational and interview preparation skills, fostering independence and empowering them to be change agents.

Impact Metrics

  • Total Students Reached

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 19321
    • 2018-19 12273
    • 2019-20 14650
    • 2020-21 12928
    • 2021-22 17491
  • Girls Associated With Life Skills Training Program

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 510
    • 2018-19 1217
    • 2019-20 900
    • 2020-21 400
    • 2021-22 544

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Umesh Agarwal


  • Arjun Sanyal

    Board Member

  • Kanchan Mathur

    Vice - Chairperson

  • Aparna Sahay


  • Panini Bhatt


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    Near Itarana Circle, Rajgarh Road, 200 Feet By-pass, Alwar, 301001


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