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Works to create awareness and enable citizens to take responsibility to solve various social issues through governance

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We, The People works to enhance the capability of the citizens through its awareness building programmes to improve governance. The organisation's Read morefirst initiative is 'Constitution Connect' which is an outreach campaign on awareness about the Constitution. It facilitates multiple events across the country on topics like the Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties. The organisation's events include the Citizen Café-Preamble in action, Civics Symposium-Teachers forums on innovations in Civics Education and The Jagrik Project-Series of activities to experience the Constitution. The second initiative includes the Citizenship Education Programme (CEP) which is a capacity building programme that helps citizens to understand constitutional values, rights and responsibilities, governance framework along with a strong focus on individual and community based actions. The programme is conducted in collaboration with schools and educational institutions through the alignment of CEP with current civics curriculum. Additionally, CEP is facilitated among the communities through its collaboration with civil society organisations.


We, The People has partnered with 122 organisations, trained 4,489 trainers, and engaged 2,12,640 active citizens.


  • Citizenship Education Programme

    The Citizenship Education Programme (CEP) stands out due to its content, methodologies, and delivery approach. Its content is deeply rooted in participants' daily lives, emphasizing the direct relevance of the Constitution to their context. Employing interactive, experiential, reflective, and practical methods, the CEP equips trainers and facilitators to seamlessly integrate this content and approach into various institutions and communities. This capacity-building initiative fosters citizens' comprehension of constitutional values, rights, responsibilities, and governance structures, placing a strong emphasis on encouraging individual and community-based initiatives and actions.

  • Constitution Connect Programme

    Constitution Connect (CC) serves as an outreach initiative designed to promote awareness of the Constitution, with a particular focus on engaging the younger generation. Its primary objective is to enable citizens to discern the direct relationship between the Constitution and their daily experiences. This goal is accomplished by conducting numerous brief workshops, both online and in physical locations, and leveraging various online platforms, including dedicated channels, to facilitate this important dialogue and understanding.

  • Citizen Connect Programme

    Citizen Cafés stand out as a flagship workshop module, notable for its strong focus on fostering a deep connection with Constitutional values and principles. These sessions aim to inspire citizens to understand their pivotal roles and responsibilities, accompanied by clear guidance on actionable measures. The approach employed is interactive, experiential, and activity-oriented. Moreover, individuals from diverse backgrounds have received training to lead these Cafés, equipped with carefully crafted materials and guidance. Past engagements span a range of educational institutions, corporations, Government entities, citizen associations, and youth organisations, including Amity University, ISDM, ILSS, private and public schools, Marks & Spencer, and the National Museum, among others.

  • Online Channels

    Through collaborations with prominent media outlets such as Times Internet, Youth Ki Aawaz, Radio One, Apna Radio, and NCERT, as well as leveraging platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, our content has been effectively disseminated to a diverse and expansive audience, primarily comprising the youth demographic. These strategic partnerships and our independent online channels have played a pivotal role in reaching and engaging with a wide spectrum of young viewers and listeners.

  • Campaigns

    During the 2019-20 period, commemorating the Constitution's 70th anniversary, a nationwide campaign was initiated, spanning from January 26, 2019, to January 26, 2020. The primary aim was to raise awareness among young citizens about the direct relevance of Constitutional values and rights in their daily lives, encouraging introspection and action. The strategy involved the release of a series of videos on YouTube at various intervals throughout the year. Accompanying these films were workshop modules, utilized by Mission 70 partner organisations to facilitate on-ground events with citizens. These films, strategically launched on significant dates, achieved substantial reach both online and in physical gatherings.

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  • Ashwini Kulkarni


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