Labhya supports children from vulnerable backgrounds with the necessary skills to cope with poverty and become effective learners through social-emotional learning (SEL). We achieve this in partnership with the governments.

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Labhya is a visionary education nonprofit that has pioneered the children’s well-being movement in India. It is dedicated to institutionalizing progra Read morems that improve the quality of education and well-being for children in public schools of India. Imagine a seven-year-old girl, Priya. In Priya's daily life, she wakes up early to help her family with chores before heading to school. However, she often sees violence and arguments within her own home. At school, she works hard to keep up with her studies, but struggles to concentrate due to the noise and chaos that lingers in her head. After school, she helps her family with more chores, feeling a sense of responsibility to keep things together. This is the reality of many children globally, and Labhya is trying to address this challenge. 1 billion children worldwide are “multidimensionally” poor- lacking food, sanitation, healthcare, shelter & education. The pervasive and complex nature of poverty affects children globally, especially in the face of adversities and crises. In India, there are more than 190 million children enrolled in government schools, living in similar realities. Our children are unable to cope with their reality – one filled with financial hardship, trauma and adversity. This adversity not only affects their academic performance but also their overall well-being, productivity and life choices. This makes them extremely unlikely to break free from the cycle of generational poverty and learn effectively. Solving this problem requires a comprehensive approach that addresses not only academic skills, but also the child’s social and emotional needs. Labhya partners with Indian state governments to co-create and implement state-wide, highly localised well-being and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs that are integrated into the school day. Labhya is globally recognised and supported by organisations like United Nations, Harvard University, LSE, The Nudge, Mulago Foundation, DRK Foundation, FID, HundrED and many more champions. Our work is celebrated by an inspirational global icon, philanthropist, mental health and well-being champion - Selena Gomez! Labhya is on an audacious mission of enabling 30 million children to become effective learners by 2030!


At the heart of our program lies our model of change, which guides our approach and implementation. Our model includes curriculum based on four pedagogies, local customisation, teacher capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation. Our curriculum is built upon four key pedagogies –mindfulness, self-reflection, stories and reinforcing activities. These pedagogies are carefully integrated into the curriculum to ensure holistic development and well-being among students. We prioritize local customization to ensure that our program resonates with the specific context and needs of our children across different geographies and socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, our teachers are at the forefront of our programs. They adapt the curriculum to the local context, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in diverse settings. We integrate teacher capacity building and feedback loops seamlessly into existing schedules and resources. Through ongoing training and feedback mechanisms, we support existing staff in effectively implementing the program, ensuring continuous improvement and development. By adhering to these principles, we ensure that our program is not only impactful but also sustainable and adaptable to the unique circumstances of our children.

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In partnership with the government, Labhya currently impacts 2.4 million vulnerable children across 22,000+ government schools across India. Investing in children’s well-being leads to substantial gains in Social-Emotional skills like resilience and relationship skills along with improved learning outcomes and attendance. Labhya’s evidence-backed programs have a proven impact on children’s learning, making them happy, effective learners who will become healthy, productive citizens.


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