Shreni Community Trust

Revives ancient occupational communities, bridging gaps in access to opportunities, and fostering self-sufficiency through empowerment and fair trade

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    Bangalore, West Bengal

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Shreni Community Trust draws inspiration from ancient Indian trade guilds called 'Shreni,' aiming to revive their essence. It works on integrating tra Read moreditional occupational communities, preserving their rich heritage in arts and production, into the structured economy. Recognizing the challenges faced by the informal sector, it focuses on empowering these communities by providing access to information and opportunities while fostering a sense of unity among them. The ultimate objective is to establish self-reliant and autonomous communities, ensuring standards, accountability, and socio-economic benefits for the groups. The vision of Shreni is to facilitate sustainable livelihoods, offering information, knowledge, and opportunities through community-led networks. Its mission includes creating equitable livelihoods, promoting fair trade practices among various communities, developing sustainable market approaches, and enhancing capacities through tailored interventions, nurturing the growth of these communities.

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  • Community Building Programme

    It develops peer-led networks among artisans and traditional professionals, addressing communication gaps in the unorganised sector. Enabling weavers, carpenters, and diverse professions, the platform facilitates idea exchange, product showcasing, opportunity posting, and material sourcing. With 1700+ members spanning 10+ groups in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, it fosters professional connections across communities.

  • Capacity Building Programme

    It focuses on revitalizing traditional handloom weaving while establishing sustainable livelihoods, exemplified in Kodiyala, Karnataka. The initiative, ongoing since December 2019, includes a women-centric training programme supported by NABARD, empowering them as independent weavers. Collaborating with Acube Manufacturing Solutions, it introduced customized loom upgrades in Kodiyala, Karnataka, and Gadwal, Telangana, catering to weavers' needs. Partnering with the Department of Handloom and Textiles, Shreni revived a handloom unit, trained SC/ST women in Induvalu in weaving skills, and aided them in setting up a production line. Additionally, it identified weavers in Bannerghatta for design skilling through a program facilitated by KViK and KSTIDC, providing infrastructure and technology for skill development.

  • Commerce & Market Access Programme

    Shreni established Shreni Samudaya LLP to tackle market access challenges, offering comprehensive services to weavers and artisans. Managing everything from photography, cataloguing, warehousing, and branding to shipping, it facilitates end-to-end services from producers to markets. The 'Gift A Little, Help A Lot' initiative collaborated with various organisations to purchase sarees directly from weavers and donate them to frontline workers during the pandemic. The LLP’s website,, enables direct purchase of saree bundles from weavers. Moreover, Shreni organised a meeting with beauticians at LabourNet, R.T. Nagar, and Presidency centres, facilitating interaction with Urban Clap professionals, explaining the business model and assessing attendees' skills, aimed to onboard these beauticians as independent entrepreneurs on the Urban Clap platform.

  • Relief Fund Programme

    Amidst the challenges of India's second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shreni recognizes the dire situation faced by vulnerable groups like weavers and artisans. With rising cases leading to curfews and shortages of essentials, these communities struggle as their income sources diminish. To alleviate their financial burden, Shreni Relief Fund Phase 2 aims to raise Rs 5,75,000 to support 500 families. The initiative plans to provide direct cash transfers of Rs 1000 alongside health insurance premiums of Rs 150 per family. Phase 1 disbursed Rs 4.5 Lakhs, aiding 380 families, and Phase 2 extends this assistance to loom workers and related professions affected by the nationwide lockdown, offering direct financial aid to break their cycle of debt and ensure their survival during these trying times.

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  • Nanda Kumar

    Operations Manager

  • Sachin Karagi

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  • Sudhir Kamath


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    Community Manager

  • Rashmi Gururaj

    Operations & Finance Associate

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    406, 18th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, 560041

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    Shreni Samudaya

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