Society for Advancement of Resourceless by Training and Handholding (SAMARTH)

Empowers marginalized communities, advocating for gender equality and better lives through diverse programmes

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    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Society for Advancement of Resourceless by Training and Handholding or SAMARTH, dedicates itself to the mission of fostering progress among underserve Read mored communities. Commitment is directed towards collaborating with marginalized segments of society to facilitate their journey towards a dignified and improved quality of life. The mission centers on enhancing the lives of those lacking resources, advocating for the marginalized, and nurturing a societal environment that empowers women and girl children through various strategic interventions. The overarching vision aspires to empower the disenfranchised within society, enabling them to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. SAMARTH is deeply committed to several critical causes, including health, education, and gender equality, actively pursuing these agendas through multifaceted programmes and initiatives aimed at the betterment of those in need.


  • Dry Ration Distribution Programme - Covid 2.0

    SAMARTH has launched a campaign to assist 300 beneficiaries in crisis. Each family in need receives a one-month supply of dry essentials such as wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, and spices, totalling 1000 INR per family. The overall campaign necessitates 300,000 INR. During this crucial period, the aim is to encourage 300 compassionate individuals to support these families. Distribution has begun for 15 families, and other vulnerable families have been identified amidst the ongoing pandemic. Stand in solidarity with the SAMARTH campaign.

  • Our Mental Health Our Priority Programme

    On July 11, 2020, SAMARTH organized an enlightening one-hour webinar under the theme "Prioritizing Our Mental Health." Distinguished panelists graced the event, offering profound perspectives on this crucial subject. Among the panelists were Dr Pravesh Dwivedi, the Director of SAMARTH, Dr Vireshwar Tyagi, a Homeopathic physician, and Ms Shobhita Dayal, a renowned speaker and blogger. Their collective expertise enriched the discourse, shedding light on the importance of mental health in our lives.

  • Healthcare Programmes

    In the realm of healthcare, SAMARTH is dedicated to enhancing access to quality health services for disadvantaged and marginalized communities. It employs a multi-level approach, addressing individual, community, and systemic healthcare challenges through innovative solutions. Collaborating with Governmental bodies, community organisations, and civil society entities, it strives to uplift the overall health and nutrition of communities, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, notably women and children. The organisation also advocates for policy improvements, strengthens healthcare systems, and promotes awareness in areas like reproductive, maternal, child, and adolescent health, as well as nutrition and family planning, all aimed at facilitating equitable access to high-quality healthcare services.

  • Education Programmes

    Girls in rural regions face obstacles in completing their master's degrees for various reasons. SAMARTH empowers them by counselling parents and providing income-generating skills, enabling them to pursue their education. Girls exhibit tremendous enthusiasm for schooling and college experiences. It collaborates with local benefactors to support girls' education expenses. Those who acquire tailoring skills for party attire find substantial earnings, which they invest in their education, fostering a brighter future.

  • Gender Equality Programme

    SAMARTH's dedicated endeavours for gender equality are gaining momentum among the populace. Through community engagement, it fosters gender awareness among girls, women, and boys, conducting sessions on gender bias, health, and gender-related violence. It envisions a society where both women and men experience equal rights and dignified lives. The organisation firmly believes in educating and sensitizing children, as they shape a brighter future. It conducts gender sessions in numerous colleges and schools across cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Sitapur, Meerut, and others, striving to build a community where gender equality and harmonious relationships prevail.

  • Hariyali Programme

    In 2019, SAMARTH initiated the HARIYALI campaign, pledging to plant 5,000 saplings by 2024. On World Environment Day, June 5th, SAMARTH collaborated with WOW and One Awadh Cinepolis Mall to raise awareness of preserving our planet. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SAMARTH prioritized social distancing and opted for plant distribution in localities near Puraniya and Maniyanw. It procured 100 saplings from a nursery. Leaflets explaining the significance of World Environment Day were distributed to passersby, who were educated about the vital role of trees in environmental preservation. Volunteers handed out saplings to individuals travelling by car, battery rickshaws, and bikes, emphasizing everyone's responsibility in safeguarding nature for the future.

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