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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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ConnectFor, initiated by the Rosy Blue Foundation, is an innovative CSR project in India. It operates as an online platform dedicated to connecting no Read moren-governmental organisations (NGOs) with volunteers, fostering structure within the Indian development sector. By fostering symbiotic relationships between NGOs, volunteers, and corporates, it strives to offer comprehensive resource solutions for the social sector. Its ultimate vision is to become the largest platform in India, facilitating collaborative efforts between organisational entities and individuals for the creation of social value. It aims to demonstrate how volunteering can be as impactful as monetary contributions. With a strong focus on meeting the specific needs of partner NGOs, the organisation collaborates closely with them to make volunteering opportunities accessible through its website. Currently, ConnectFor operates in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, and Ahmedabad, while also extending its reach to other major cities in India for group volunteering and corporate engagement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.


ConnectFor has engaged 56,880 volunteers, collaborated with 517 NGOs, contributed 280,800 volunteer hours, and saved an amount of ₹106,245,000.


  • Internship with NGOs

    ConnectFor's Internship Programme offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience while making a meaningful impact. Partnering with NGOs across 12 cause areas nationwide, the programme matches interns with the perfect opportunity that aligns with their interests and career goals. Whether one prefers a virtual or in-person experience, ConnectFor ensures a seamless and rewarding internship journey. As part of the programme, interns receive certificates from both ConnectFor and the partnering NGO, along with the possibility of obtaining a letter of recommendation. While these internships are unpaid, the focus is on personal and professional growth, making a lasting difference in the community.

  • Volunteering Opportunities

    ConnectFor's Volunteering Programme offers a diverse range of handpicked opportunities for people looking to engage in meaningful social work. As part of their New Year resolutions, individuals can discover and participate in these selected projects that cater to various interests and embrace the chance to make a positive impact in the upcoming year while fulfilling personal goals. Additionally, ConnectFor provides Weekend Volunteering opportunities, enabling people to volunteer alongside their friends and family during convenient times.

  • Corporate Employee Engagement Programme

    ConnectFor has created a Virtual Volunteering Programme amid the COVID-19 pandemic to prioritize volunteer health and support institutions like shelter homes and hospitals. Its aim is to provide value to Corporate Partners by designing and executing opportunities with defined outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) during these impactful times. ConnectFor offers safe, engaging ways for corporate employees to achieve their volunteering goals remotely. Acting as a bridge between corporates and NGO partners, it provides tailored solutions, manages employee volunteering programmes, and ensures a seamless experience. With positive feedback from 96% of corporate volunteers, ConnectFor has organised events in major Indian cities, offering group and individual virtual volunteering, motivation workshops, rewards programmes, and comprehensive management of employee volunteering programmes.

  • Skill Based Volunteering Programme

    ConnectFor offers Skill-Based Volunteering opportunities where individuals can utilize their specialized skills to support non-profit organisations. By volunteering with ConnectFor, participants can gain practical experience while helping organisations benefit from their expertise. The volunteering options include online, onsite, and hybrid modes, providing flexibility based on individual preferences. Those interested can respond to a set of questions and expect a call from the ConnectFor team within two business days.

  • ArtShala Programme

    'ArtShala' is an initiative that goes beyond the conventional notion of art and school. It focuses on using art and colours as a means to teach and create awareness. ConnectFor is driven by a mission to enhance and transform lacklustre spaces and Government schools throughout India. Its goal is to beautify these environments and revamp their conditions, leveraging the power of art. Through this initiative, ConnectFor aims to make a positive impact and bring vibrancy to educational settings across the country.

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  • Manage Employee Volunteering Programs for Corporates

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    • 2019-20 56
    • 2020-21 63
    • 2021-22 66
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    • 2019-20 363
    • 2020-21 540
    • 2021-22 638

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  • Shloka Ambani


  • Maniti Shah

    Co - Founder

  • Gargi Modi

    Project Director

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    Rosy Blue Foundation

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