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Provides guidance and support to NGOs in their operational areas through capacity building programmes, solutions, services and strategic collaborations for development

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Aims to strengthen, improve productivity and efficacy of the social sector through direct and indirect engagements with key stakeholders. It is focuss Read moreed on small and rural organisations who are hard pressed to adapt to the rapid changes in the sector. Stakeholders Meet with Niranthara partners provided the space for NGO leaders to represent their work. Organizations such as Azim Premji Philanthropies initiatives (APPI), United Technologies (UTC), Azim Premji University (APU), FEVOURD-K engages at various levels with partners. Some of its partners are Titan Company, Sensei, 1NGO, IIT – Bangalore, Chirantana, Development & Partnership in Action (DPA) Cambodia, Diya Foundation, Fame India, HLC International – Elina, India Education Collective (IEC), Karnataka Angavikalara Ikyata Vedike, Makkala Jagriti, Margadarshi The Association for Physically Challenged, Mobility India, National Association of the Blind (NAB), Salaam Bombay Foundation, Swami Vivekanand Youth Movement, Spastics Society of Karnataka, Shristi Special Academy, The Association of the People with Disability, Vidya Mall Foundation and Vidyasagar (Chennai). It claims to have supported and impacted NGOs across 10 states. Initiated 10 unique programmes for NGO development and their scaling up. Approximately 23 NGOs across Karnataka were claimed to be benefited from capacity building initiatives. 65 NGOs across India are using technology solutions. It further claims to have over 200,000 beneficiaries across India.


  • Organisational development

    The non-profit sector in India has shown consistent growth in recent years. However, this growth has introduced new challenges that must be tackled to ensure the effective operation and delivery of these organizations.
    Small and rural NGOs encounter significant challenges today, particularly in areas like capacity building, organizational development, establishing trust and accountability with external stakeholders, and staying updated with evolving donor expectations.
    Dhwani foundation’s extensive experience in the social sector over the past decade has underscored that capacity building is an ongoing process, demanding patience, persistence, and strategic dedication. To understand the constituents of a successful NGO, the foundation conducted a comprehensive survey involving over 100 stakeholders, including NGO decision-makers, donors, government agencies, and beneficiaries. This initiative led to the development of the Niranthara model, encompassing eight crucial non-domain areas es

  • Niranthara

    The flagship Niranthara program is designed to enhance institutional capacity through an intensive support period spanning 18 to 24 months. Through a combination of classroom training sessions, provision of tools and technology, and hands-on oversight of site implementation, the foundation facilitates the transformation of NGOs by closely collaborating with their boards, leadership, and program staff.
    The primary goal is to enable the NGO partners to evolve into effective, well-structured, and sustainable organizations that function more efficiently internally while also meeting the evolving expectations of external stakeholders.
    Commencing in December 2017, the foundation initiated a pilot program with a cohort of 23 grassroots NGOs, predominantly from rural Karnataka. Since its inception, the program has witnessed significant growth, empowering numerous NGOs to date.

  • Shikshak

    The Shikshak program is an innovative "Train the Trainer" initiative founded on the principles of the Niranthara model. It aims to empower a broad network of training partners to introduce Niranthara and other capacity-building programs to grassroots NGOs.
    The foundation collaborates with funders, federations, and other organizations involved with grassroots NGOs to assist Shikshak partners in establishing proficient in-house faculty to administer programs within their region and networks. Serving as Knowledge Partners, it provides resources and methodologies to enable Shikshaks to implement the Niranthara program effectively with their NGO partners. Additionally, it offers support to Shikshaks in monitoring, evaluating, and measuring the progress of NGOs.

  • Sahayak programme

    Our nation requires substantial community engagement and service to help marginalized groups overcome their social, economic, and educational obstacles. NGOs have historically played a pivotal role in uplifting these communities and enhancing their living standards. Presently, the Indian social sector is encountering various shifts in the external landscape, placing grassroots organizations under pressure due to increased scrutiny and compliance demands, often exacerbated by a lack of knowledge and timely support.
    Encouragingly, the social sector boasts greater human, financial, and technical resources than ever before. However, to tap into these resources, NGOs must adapt to new systems and processes. Niranthara Sahayak is an exclusive program developed by Dhwani Foundation, drawing from its extensive hands-on experience with over 600 NGOs across different regions of India over the past five years.

  • Niranthara Lite

    Small and emerging non-profit organizations passionately engaged in community development often face constraints in accessing the necessary skills and resources to establish foundational systems.
    Niranthara Lite is designed to bridge this gap by providing practical and hands-on support in setting up fundamental elements such as compliance, governance requirements, financial and accounting systems, and human resource management knowledge. By offering this support, the program empowers these smaller organizations to take a step forward, enhancing their credibility and operational vibrancy.

  • DrishtE

    DrishtE represents a self-paced e-learning program accessible via mobile and web platforms, offering modules covering Compliance, Governance, MIS, Finance and Accounting, HR, Marketing and Fundraising, Strategy and Leadership, and Programme Management.
    Drawing from the classroom-based Niranthara program, DrishtE encompasses modules designed for various team roles within an organization. It is recommended that NGOs identify suitable members for enrolment in accordance with their respective roles. The program can be completed at the participant's preferred pace. Dhwani Foundation offers support through a helpdesk, periodic sessions for engagement, and a web page hosting supplementary resources for learning and its practical application. There is no enrolment or completion fee charged by Dhwani. However, NGOs should have reliable internet connectivity and access to either a smartphone or a desktop/laptop browser.

  • Updeshak

    The Updeshak Fellowship is an initiative aimed at identifying, enlisting, and mentoring volunteers from professional and corporate backgrounds to form a pool of independent board members, fostering improved governance within the NGO sector.
    This program offers an opportunity for dedicated individuals to contribute their expertise as board members to grassroots NGOs, aligning with their missions and objectives. The foundation seeks enrolments from mid-level managers and senior professionals in diverse fields such as IT, Chartered Accountancy, Law, Medicine, Academia, Banking, the Social sector, and retired Government officials.
    Another vital aspect of the Updeshak program involves strengthening the capabilities of existing board members. This is achieved through structured board interactions and specialized training programs focusing on pertinent topics.

  • Goonjan

    One of the earliest initiatives by Dhwani Foundation, this program offers an all-in-one solution designed to manage NGO operations comprehensively and in a customizable manner. The Goonjan MIS software platform serves as an efficient tool for managing services in near real-time, tracking intervention impacts, and generating timely and precise stakeholder reports.
    For more than ten years, the Goonjan MIS software has catered to NGO clients, offering sector-specific functionalities such as Beneficiary Management, Donor Management, Volunteer Management, Program Management, and Compliance Management. It has been adopted by over a hundred nonprofit organizations across 15 states in India. Its application spans various domains including Physical Disability and Inclusion, Special Education, Women’s Empowerment, Child Safety, Skills Training, Health and Nutrition, Community Development, and Intellectual Disability.


    The social sector holds a pivotal role in addressing the needs of marginalized communities and raising awareness about their entitlements. While focusing on community welfare, this sector collaborates closely with government bodies and policymakers to highlight critical societal gaps and challenges. These collaborative efforts influence the effective implementation of government support systems at the grassroots level.
    NGO federations and networks serve as essential entities in this framework, serving as a unified voice for both the sector and the communities they represent. They engage in advocacy with the government, contributing to the formulation of new policies and ensuring the efficient execution of existing ones. By amplifying grassroots voices, these federations and networks act as representatives for diverse communities, reinforcing their strength in the decision-making process.

  • Grants +

    Grants+ is an immersive learning initiative designed to furnish you with the expertise, resources, and networks necessary to surmount obstacles and elevate the effectiveness of your grants.
    The key features of this initiative are:
    • Gain insights into compliance and governance, maximizing ROI, and enhancing grant impact.
    • Explore the intricacies of the social sector and the challenges faced by NGOs, gaining insight into their perspectives and expectations from donors.
    • Cultivate a shared understanding of partner selection processes, engagement strategies, and employee volunteering approaches.
    • Access best practices in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), review methodologies, Management Information Systems (MIS), and documentation processes.

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