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Drives sustainability integration and responsible business practices globally while enhancing financial, natural, social, human, and physical capitals through transformative, responsive, and proactive initiatives

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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Suzlon Foundation, driven by the vision of "Powering a Greener Tomorrow," operates as an autonomous body under the Suzlon Group, a global leader in wi Read morend energy. The Foundation focuses on integrating sustainability into all aspects of business operations, viewing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a responsible business practice rather than mere charity. While its current CSR initiatives predominantly target India, Suzlon Foundation has plans for global expansion in alignment with Suzlon's presence worldwide. Suzlon Foundation's sustainability framework revolves around five key capitals: financial, natural, social, human, and physical. It believes that these resources both impact and are influenced by business activities. Hence, it emphasizes balanced growth across these capitals for overall sustainability. The Foundation's programmes are strategically designed to enhance these capitals, contributing not only to sustainability but also to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its sustainability approach comprises transformative efforts aimed at changing business practices to be more responsible and ethical, responsive initiatives to offset negative impacts, and proactive programmes addressing global issues such as climate change and international cooperation. Suzlon Foundation's commitment lies in fostering sustainability across the organisation and beyond its boundaries.


  • Enhancing Financial Capital: Livelihoods Programme

    Suzlon Foundation focuses on enhancing its financial capital through a variety of initiatives. These include integrated agriculture-based livelihood programmes aimed at improving agricultural and livestock management practices. It also prioritizes animal health care and vaccination programmes to enhance productivity. The Foundation is dedicated to vocational skill building, working towards improving the employability and entrepreneurial abilities of local youth in nearby villages. Additionally, micro-enterprise development projects, such as tent rental services for weddings/functions, mango grafting training, crop management training, and tailoring training, contribute to bolstering their financial capital.

  • Enhancing Natural Capital: Natural Resource Management Programme

    Suzlon Foundation is committed to enhancing its natural capital through a range of programmes. These include the Soil and Water Conservation Programme, which focuses on improving water supply availability and soil conservation. It actively contributes to increasing green cover by planting trees and broadcasting seeds on hills. Moreover, the Foundation practices conjunctive land use, utilizing the land around wind turbines for crop or fodder cultivation, promoting sustainable land management. Additionally, it implements waste recycling initiatives to further enhance their natural capital and promote environmental sustainability.

  • Enhancing Social Capital: Social Empowerment Programme

    Suzlon Foundation dedicates efforts to enhancing its social capital through various programmes. It focuses on the formation and strengthening of Village Development Committees, fostering community participation and empowerment at the local level. Additionally, the Foundation places importance on the formation and reinforcement of women's Self Help Groups, promoting women's economic and social empowerment within the communities they work with. These initiatives aim to build strong social networks and institutions, contributing to overall social development.

  • Enhancing Human Capital: Health and Education Programme

    Suzlon Foundation prioritizes enhancing its human capital through dedicated health and education programmes. It is actively involved in initiatives that aim to improve access to both preventive and curative health services, ensuring the well-being of the communities they serve. Simultaneously, the Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of education, working towards providing better educational opportunities. These efforts contribute to the development and strengthening of human capital, fostering healthier and more educated communities.

  • Enhancing Physical Capital: Basic Civic Amenities Improvement Programme

    Suzlon Foundation is dedicated to enhancing its physical capital through a range of initiatives. It actively works towards improving the quantity and quality of drinking water, ensuring access to clean and safe water sources for the communities it engages with. In addition, the Foundation focuses on increasing the availability of solar energy and promoting renewable and sustainable energy sources. It also prioritizes improving scholastic infrastructure and creating conducive learning environments. Furthermore, the Suzlon Foundation implements initiatives to enhance sanitation and hygiene standards, contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life of the communities it serves.

Impact Metrics

  • Plastic Waste Collected and Recycled in Kg

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 12719
    • 2018-19 5248
    • 2019-20 4459
    • 2020-21 422
    • 2021-22 2083
  • Reached Villages

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2018-19 800
    • 2019-20 800
    • 2020-21 529
    • 2021-22 555


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    Suzlon Foundation One Earth, Opp. Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune, 411028


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    Suzlon Group

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