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Empowers the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the Society by improving the socio-economic well-being

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IFCI Social Foundation, a registered Trust, operates as an extension of IFCI Ltd for its CSR initiatives. Since 2014, it has actively engaged in vario Read moreus CSR projects with a focus on skill development, women's empowerment, job creation, public health, sanitation, environmental conservation, and rural development. The organisation aspires to be a leading CSR institution in India, dedicated to enhancing the socio-economic well-being of the entire society, especially those marginalized and vulnerable. Its goal is to unlock the untapped potential within these communities, creating lasting assets and delivering societal benefits across the nation, irrespective of regional, linguistic, caste, creed, or religious distinctions. Additionally, it strives to harness renewable energy sources for societal betterment and undertakes significant, long-term projects funded by IFCI and its subsidiaries. The Trust enjoys tax exemptions under sections 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act and is overseen by a Board of Trustees with extensive experience in CSR activities.


  • Hunger, Malnutrition, Health & Sanitation Programme

    IFCI Social Foundation actively addresses hunger, malnutrition, health, and sanitation challenges. Its initiatives include the introduction of the Joy Ride Train and Fiber Toilets at Chandrashekhar Azad Public Park. The organization also focuses on targeted treatments for ailments like haematological cancer, dengue, chikungunya, and infectious diseases, including COVID-19, alongside providing essential infrastructural support. Furthermore, it operates a free tuberculosis and medical centre, extending vital support to enhance eye care services.

  • Programme to Promote Development of Human Capital

    IFCI Social Foundation is dedicated to promoting human capital development. Its programmes encompass livelihood support for physically and mentally challenged orphans and abandoned senior citizens, offering essential provisions like clothing, bedsheets, and towels. Moreover, the organisation has put forth a proposal for the construction of 15 toilets and 15 bathrooms at Jai Kumar Jain Anudanit Ashramshala, a residential tribal school, enhancing sanitation facilities for the community.

  • Preventive Healthcare Programme

    IFCI Social Foundation is dedicated to preventive healthcare. It contributed to the PM-CARES Fund for COVID-19 relief and supported approximately 400 needy families and elderly individuals affected by the pandemic. The organisation purchased an ambulance and installed sanitary napkin vending machines with incinerators in Andhra Pradesh schools. It also aided patients with blood cancer and other ailments by providing a mobile medical van. Additionally, it assisted Ganga Prem Hospice Hospital with an EECO Van for home care services. The Foundation further supported the Asani Sanitary Napkin Project in Jothwara District, Rajasthan.

  • Education Programmes

    IFCI Social Foundation is dedicated to education and upliftment. It has introduced digital classrooms in six schools in Andhra Pradesh, and partnered with Next Education India Private Ltd. Additionally, the organization supports three "Vananchal Vidyalayas" in Uttar Pradesh to provide education to underprivileged children. In Odisha, it empowers socially and economically disadvantaged individuals through computer training and tailoring classes in Tunda village. The Foundation is actively involved in setting up a Centre of Eminence for Skill Development at the ILD Campus, Jaipur, and training facilities for mobile hardware repair courses. It also extends infrastructure support to schools in Mumbai and aids the construction of a multi-purpose hall in Kothavalasa, Andhra Pradesh, furthering educational opportunities for marginalized communities.

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  • Manoj Mittal


  • Sachikanta Mishra

    Vice - Chairman

  • Pooja S Mahajan

    Chief Executive Officer & Trustee


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