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Prayatna School of excellence provide free education to disadvantaged groups of children.

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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Prayatna School of Excellence is a social organization that  aims to deliver Excellence in Education and lay the foundation for the citizens of tomorr Read moreow . They are a young team of working professionals, college students, sr. citizens who are committed to social welfare through  "education reforms".  Prayatna works in urban-rural areas to improve quality education especially in migrants and urban disadvantaged youth. It is focused on policy implementation in govt. schools and assists in admissions through the effective implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009. Prayatna aims to revolutionize the quality of education at the primary level by the introduction of innovative ways of teaching and learning. The necessity is to develop not just an educated citizen but to produce a learned individual who can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Prayatna's journey had started by setting up an informal education center for the migrant children for the village Molahera, district Gurgaon in January 2009. After that one more informal education center is incorporated in village Jharsa, Gurgaon in October 2012. The concept of urbanization has emerged in recent years and problems regard to migrant people are also escalating with the increase of population in big cities. Urban-rural areas have been the target areas of Prayatna of tier1 or tier 2 cities of the country for the past six years. Five Key Values (Guiding Principles): 1. Academic Support In-School / Post-school "Remedial Classes" (classes 1 to 10) 2. Value Education: Activity-based Learning Programs for Character Development 3. Personality Development: Life Skills Programs 4. Promotion of "Empowerment & Leadership" Qualities with Democratic Values • Engaging Thought-Provoking Activities through Theatre & Interactive Sessions • Enhancement of Effective Communication, Soft Skills, & Interpersonal Skills 5. Professional Skills Development for Employability among Youths aged 16 and above • Career Counselling, Planning & Support • Effective Career Planning and Targeted Financial Assistance • Parenting Counselling (class 10 and above)


  • Utthaan: Career development program for the digital age

    Utthaan is an initiative focused on imparting life skills and professional competencies within the premises of Government Schools during non-academic hours. The program primarily targets the enhancement of Professional Skills tailored for students in classes 11th, 12th, and beyond. Utthaan encompasses comprehensive guidance on Career Choices, Planning, and Provision of Professional Courses.
    Key Components:
    1. Sustainable employment opportunities: Utthaan is dedicated to offering sustainable employment avenues upon the completion of its courses.
    2. Calibre Enhancement Program (CEP): Specifically designed to fortify two essential career-oriented skills:
    • Logical and analytical abilities
    • Verbal proficiency
    3. Holistic skill development:
    • Teamwork and adaptability
    • Proactiveness
    • Confidence and communication
    • Problem and stress management
    • Leadership and decision-making skills
    4. Career Planning and Counselling (CPC)
    5. Career Development Courses (CDC)

  • Mitra mandal

    At Prayatna, a democratic work model fosters a vibrant democracy within the educational framework. This model involves the formation of a Cabinet of Ministers known as "Mitra-Mandal," comprising selected students responsible for governing the School/Educational Centre/Operations democratically. Each Mitra-Mandal member holds a distinct role such as Vitra-Mitra, Saahitya-Mitra, Kala-Mitra, Sawasthya-Mitra, Khel-Mitra, Sanskriti-Mitra, and Nyay-Mitra. Before assuming their designated tasks, students solemnly take an oath, acknowledging their responsibilities. These key positions carry dignity and associated duties. The leader, "Pradhan Mitra," similar to the Prime Minister in India, is elected by all students through biannual elections and holds specific privileges and added responsibilities. The selection of Mitra-Mandal members occurs through consultation with the PM and teachers, involving the entire student body.

  • Natyashala

    The NGO focuses on instilling and nurturing values related to Indian Culture, Art, and Literature. It aims to cultivate personality traits among children aged 10 to 16 through activities such as Plays, Storymaking, Storytelling, and other artistic and literary endeavours. Additionally, this initiative organizes Music, Dance, and Acting classes, which contribute to the development of various life skills among aspiring creatives.
    "NatyaShala" specifically targets Government school students affiliated with Prayatna. Most participants in "NatyaShala" come from migrant families residing in urban and rural areas of Gurgaon. Since its inception in 2009, numerous plays have been staged by the children, with street plays serving as an integral part of NatyaShala. These performances serve as platforms for students to significantly enhance their acting abilities.

  • VidyaPeeth: Primary education program on value-based skills

    VidyaPeeth, a primary education program initiated by Prayatna, emphasizes the cultivation of value-based skills among students. It specifically caters to children aged 6 to 10 years, recognizing these foundational years as pivotal for acquiring essential life skills. The program's goal is to amalgamate traditional educational values with the logical reasoning required in modern times. Its primary objective is to instil moral values, spiritual resilience, conscientiousness, and mental fortitude in students, aiming to bring about educational reform. Beyond conventional academics, the curriculum focuses on shaping better individuals capable of contributing efficiently to society's future.
    Key program details:
    • Tailored for students from 1st to 5th standard (ages 6 to 10 years)
    • Blends Indian traditional education principles with contemporary values
    • Promotes character education to foster moral development
    • Integrates "Moral Virtues" into academic learning

  • PaathShala - Remedial classes for academic development


    The primary objective of Prayatna NGO is to focus on enhancing academic development and overall abilities of students in classes 1st to 10th through specialized "Remedial Classes," engaging children for 2 to 3 hours daily. These sessions take place at the Prayatna "Child Development Centre," known as the School of Excellence, currently operating in Molahera and Jharsa areas of Gurugram district, Haryana. Key highlights of the program include academic support, emphasizing logical and experimental thinking, in-depth studies of Science, Mathematics, and Linguistic Skills, as well as innovative assessment methods such as "Shastratha" (Debates & Interactive QnA). The program also prepares students for Government Scholarship Exams like NNMS, NTSE, MTSE, NSTSE, aiming to cultivate a passion for learning and make academics enjoyable. With over 5000 beneficiaries to date, the program identifies students from government schools, low-budget private schools, and drop-outs, ensuring their inclusion

Leadership Team

  • Ram K. Mudholkar


  • Praneet Sushil


  • Dr. Sonali Saxena

    Co-Founder & Vice President

  • Shammi Alhawat


  • Ashutosh Tiwari

    Co-Founder & Treasurer

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    House no. 167, Market Road, Sector 22A, Gurgaon - 122015, Haryana, India


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