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    Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh

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The National Human Care Organization, a non-profit entity, diligently works towards social welfare, aiming to enhance comfort and dignity in every ind Read moreividual's life based on their unique needs. Avoiding narrow focuses, the organization endeavors to uplift society through grassroots initiatives. Its efforts encompass empowering impoverished women with self-employment opportunities, supporting children's education, promoting environmental conservation through renewable energy sources, advocating proper healthcare and hygiene, and facilitating medical assistance, both in rural and urban areas. Led by Mr. S.L. Bala, the organization has been active in social welfare endeavors since its establishment in 2016, operating centers across the country with plans for expansion. With a mission to provide basic amenities like education, healthcare, food, and shelter to the underprivileged, the organization aims to create equal opportunities for all citizens and alleviate suffering caused by calamities. Prioritizing grassroots engagement and serving marginalized communities, the organization collaborates with volunteers and generous donors to improve lives and contribute to societal progress.


  • Water and Sanitation Care

    The water and sanitation programs of NHCORG encompass various initiatives, including infrastructure development, sanitation enhancements, and raising awareness about overall hygiene practices. Through these efforts, the organization aims to improve access to clean water, enhance sanitation facilities, and promote hygiene practices within communities. This holistic approach addresses the fundamental needs of individuals and contributes to the overall well-being and health of the population served by NHCORG.

  • Medical Camps and Facilities

    Healthcare Without Frontiers (HWF) has coordinated 523 complimentary medical camps, extending clinical services and distributing free medication to patients in need. Through these endeavors, HWF aims to bridge gaps in healthcare access, particularly for underserved populations, ensuring they receive essential medical care and support without financial burden. These initiatives underscore HWF's commitment to promoting health equity and improving the well-being of communities it serves.

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  • Mr. S.L. Bala


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