Chimple Learning (Sutara Learning Foundation)

Empowers children from weaker sections of society, through mobile educational app for self-directed early foundational learning

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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It is a free app available on android from Sutara Learning Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the foundational education of children. Read moreIt creates confidence in children through independent learning. Aims to make basic reading, writing, digital skills, maths and interactive way of learning through games, activities and stories for students aged 3-8 years. It can be done on their own or in the classroom with minimal adult intervention. Conducted a pilot of Chimple Literacy and Numeracy learning program in 10 BMC schools in Mumbai and claims to have impacted 1,698 students. Further claims to have trained 47 teachers on tablet-based educational intervention. Teachers can do the following activities through this app: 1. Suggests assignments 2. Track the progress of the whole class and individual students. 3. Can manually assign specific lessons to the whole class or to individual students. 4. Communication between teachers and students/parents can happen by Whatsapp.


Bangalore - Reached 1000+ students, impacted 50+ teachers. Mumbai - Influenced 2000+ students, reached 10+ schools.


  • Chimple Kids

    Chimple offers a free educational app designed for children ranging from toddlers to preschoolers and kindergarteners, aiming to support early literacy skills.
    Chimple Kids provides a variety of educational games covering English, Mathematics, Hindi, and Digital Skills. It assists kids in number recognition, introduces basic arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction, teaches letter shapes, phonics, nouns, verbs, sentences, vowels, and engages them in enjoyable matching exercises.
    The app is user-friendly and straightforward. Through the Chimple Character (avatar), children can learn, practice, and enhance their reading, writing, and math abilities in an interactive and enjoyable manner. UNESCO conducted a 15-month field trial of the Chimple Kids app, demonstrating substantial learning improvements among children aged 3-8.

  • Chimple Class

    Chimple Kids aligns with the prescribed school curriculum and seamlessly integrates with the Chimple Class App. Through this, teachers gain the ability to oversee the entire classroom dynamics. They can assign homework, evaluate student performance, and comprehend individual learning patterns.
    With the Chimple Class App, teachers can efficiently manage multiple students across various grades simultaneously, fostering a conducive and positive classroom atmosphere.

  • Parent Panther

    Parents can conveniently download the Chimple Learning App on their Android smartphones, accessible for free on the Google Play Store. Designed for children aged around 2-8 years, this app offers an engaging platform to enhance English and Math skills. Parents can introduce their children to alphabets and numbers, laying a strong foundation for their educational journey. Creating up to 3 profiles for their children is possible within the app.
    Families can allocate 30-40 minutes, five days a week, for the Chimple Learning Program. As the child's interest grows, parents can gradually extend the program to two sessions per day (morning and evening). Monitoring a child's progress and guiding them in improving their foundational learning skills is facilitated through the app.

  • Tiger Teacher

    The Tiger Teacher model is specifically designed for educators working with kindergarten and Class 1-2 students to enhance foundational learning. To effectively implement this model, teachers utilize two apps:
    Chimple Learning App: Teachers encourage parents to download the Chimple App on their Android smartphones, allowing children to learn English and Math conveniently at home.
    Chimple Teacher App: Teachers can download the Chimple Teacher App on their Android smartphones. Through this app, teachers can add students to their classroom by entering three basic details – Name, age, and mobile number. A code is sent to the parents' mobile for registering students under the respective teacher.

  • Bunny Academy

    Bunny Academy serves as an extension to the Tiger Teacher Model by integrating the Tablet-based Chimple Program into the curriculum and timetable. This model is implemented across various educational settings such as schools, community centres, preschools, Aaganwadis, tuition centers, and after-school centres. Android tablets are deployed in these educational institutions as part of the program.

Leadership Team

  • Srikanth Talapadi

    Founder & CEO

  • Anupama Kolamala

    Executive Director

  • Shyamal Upadhyaya

    Director - Software & Architect

  • Varadaraj Kamath, Director

    Quality Assurance

  • Akshat Tak

    Game Artist

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    75, 1st Floor 60Ft Road, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Panduranga Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India, Bangalore


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    Sutara Learning Foundation

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