Centre for Research and Development (CRD)

Engages in a wide array of development activities, from agriculture to capacity building, collaborating with Government and non-government agencies, contributing significantly to various projects and initiatives

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    Nileshwar, Kerala

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Centre for Research and Development (CRD) has been actively involved in implementing a wide range of developmental programmes since 2002. Its activiti Read morees encompass natural resource management, agriculture, climate change initiatives, livelihood improvement, drinking water and sanitation projects, tribal community development, community organisation, participatory action research, capacity-building efforts, and awareness programmes. CRD collaborates closely with both Governmental and non-governmental agencies across various programmes and schemes. CRD has a commendable track record, serving as a Resource Support Organization (RSO) for NABARD in Watershed Projects, a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) for Watershed Projects under the Western Ghats Development Programme (WGDP), a Project Facilitating Agency (PFA) for NABARD's Holistic Watershed Development Programmes (NHWDP), and a Technical Support Organisation for the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP). It also supports initiatives like the JALANIDHI project for community drinking water and sanitation, tribal development programmes, Farmer Producer Organisations, climate-proofing projects, Springshed Development projects, and tribal community cluster development under the SFRUTI scheme. CRD conducts capacity-building and training programmes for various stakeholders, including Grama Panchayat Representatives, Watershed Development Teams, Village Watershed Committees, Farmers, and School Children. Additionally, CRD has a strong history of collaboration with research institutes and experience in project preparation and management, particularly in the areas of natural resource management, agricultural development, and rural employment guarantee schemes.


  • Tribal Development Programme


    CRD engages in tribal development in Kannur district's Aralam Tribal Resettlement Area, supported by NABARD's Tribal Development Fund. It spans two phases, covering 598 and 500 families, focusing on horticulture, soil conservation, livelihoods, health, and more. It also promotes unique tribal farming practices and markets products under the brand 'NAAC.' Additionally, CRD acts as a Technical Agency for TRIFED's SFRUTI project, supporting tribal cluster development.

  • Study & Participatory Research Programme

    CRD places a strong emphasis on studies and participatory action research. Highlights include a reconnaissance study of potential Small Hydel Project sites, monitoring tribal development projects, and designing comprehensive development programmes. It conducts impact studies for watershed projects, document best farming practices, engage in Participatory Rural Appraisal studies, and support livelihood planning for Tribal families. Ongoing projects also involve Participatory Action Research, leading to the preparation of case studies and best practices reports.

  • Drinking Water & Sanitation Programme


    In the realm of Drinking Water and Sanitation, CRD is actively engaged in several key roles. Firstly, it serves as a Support Organisation (SO) for the "JALANIDHI" Project initiated by the Department of Water Resources of the Government of Kerala. CRD has successfully undertaken the planning and implementation of 20 water supply schemes in Balal Gramapanchayat of Kasaragod DT, incorporating sanitation initiatives such as sanitary latrines and community toilets.

    Secondly, CRD functions as a Service Provider to the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Kerala, specializing in sanitation activities. This role has been officially recognized by the Local Self Government Department (LSGD) of the Government of Kerala.

    Additionally, CRD plays a crucial role as an Implementation Support Agency for drinking water schemes under the Jal Jeevan Mission of the Government within the state of Kerala, further contributing to the advancement of clean drinking water accessibility in the region.

  • Natural Resource Management Programme


    This programme, also known as Jeevanam, actively engages in Natural Resources Management (NRM) with a community-centric approach. In various capacities, CRD directly benefits around 1.25 Lakh families across 67243 Ha. Notable roles include serving as the Resource Support Organisation (RSO) for NABARD's Holistic Watershed Development Projects and Technical Support Organisation (TSO) for the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP). CRD also implements Watershed Projects under NABARD's Holistic Watershed Programme (NHWDP) and Western Ghats Development Programme (WGDP). Climate change mitigation and adaptation programs are supported by NABARD-KfW, focusing on soil and water resource stabilization and sustainable farming practices. A Springshed Project aims to revive drying springs, and CRD prepares Watershed Master Plans under MGNREGS. Capacity Building Training and Awareness programs target various stakeholders.

  • Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

    CRD actively supports Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, aiding communities in identifying suitable livelihoods through training and financial inclusion. It also promotes Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) to enhance farmers' income through value addition and aggregation, with six FPOs in operation. A Rural Mart, assisted by NABARD, facilitates marketing and supplies for farmers. Additionally, CRD conducts a Farmer Participatory Seed Production and Seed Bank programme. It promotes Self Help Groups and Joint Liability Groups, encouraging social and economic improvements through savings, income generation, bank linkage, and capacity-building programmes.

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  • Dr. Sasikumar C

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    Centre for Research and Development Nileshwaram PO Kasaragod DT, Kerala State, India, 671314

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