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Works towards improving the life of communities by helping them adopt the best practices in Agriculture, Sports, Education, Health and Nutrition and Skills

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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Roots Foundation helps rural communities which form the greatest population of India through implementing various social benefit programmes on agricul Read moreture, education, healthcare and nutrition. These communities are generally involved in agriculture and farming. It is involved in helping these farmers by giving them training on how to reduce costs and increase the production of crops. It educates them on ways to save water, produce what the market requires and also adopt new technology like mobile applications to help in the identification of soil health and general farm management. It also promotes saving nature by educating farmers to follow environment friendly methods of farming which directly helps to reduce water consumption. The foundation has a health and nutrition programme which helps poor children by providing them with milk besides conducting free medical checkup camps for the community. It also has programmes to help with primary education where volunteers help children understand subjects much more easily. To help the families in the community gain additional income it arranges to give training on practical skills like sewing, stitching and mechanical work. To promote sports in the community good sports centres have been established where youngsters with talent are picked up for further training by experienced coaches to play for the country in future.


Rural communities are using outdated techniques of farming leading to low yields and productivity, at the same time also lacking basic amenities like education, employable skills and awareness of technology.


Roots Foundation acts to achieve holistic community development of rural communities through multiple programmes aimed at uplifting the life of villagers, increasing their productivity and yield through motivating them to adopt the latest farming technology and techniques and providing them with education and skilling as appropriate.


The Foundation has impacted more than 10,00,000 farmers, 5,000 children and 2,000 females across more than 15 States.


  • Education

    To support the Government school eco-system and improve their learning processes, Roots Foundation is partnering with reputed academicians to connect to the stakeholders and try to address the issues of education.

    It also provisions for online classes by Its volunteers to village students and runs many sub programmes catering to the education space like the D.D. Bahuguna Education Scholarship, Project Utkarsh, Innovative Learning Centre in Kota, Rajasthan and an upcoming state-of-the-art ‘Literary Centre cum Public Library’ in Gurugram, Haryana.

  • Agriculture

    Roots Foundation helps farmers reduce production costs, increase output and sell products directly to retailers or processors through Its programmes focusing on agriculture.

    It has various sub-programmes under this umbrella namely Natural Resource Conservation Programme (NRCP), Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Programme(APEP), Farm Produce Market Linkage Program (FPMLP) and Technology Transfer Program (TTP), all aimed at helping farmers increase productivity and achieve good sales.

  • Environment

    This programme focuses on promoting environment friendly agricultural practices. Its NRCP programme, for instance, helps to reduce water consumption by thirty percent and reduces methane emissions with the overall effort to improve resource efficiency at the farm level.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Its Health & Nutrition programme concentrates on nutritional security. Children below ten years of age are provided milk regularly in addition to dairy-based nutritional support.

    It partners with local diaries and brands to help with the implementation of the programme across select places in India. It is also going to collaborate with a telemedicine company to offer remote consultation services to villages.

  • Skilling

    To enable employment and income the Foundation closely works with communities to provide vocational training in skills that are in demand in the market.

    The training includes disciplines like handicrafts, sewing, stitching and mechanical work aimed at skilling village people in income generating crafts.

  • Sports

    The foundation has set up sports facilities encompassing various disciplines such as football and wrestling, among others. It has implemented a talent identification program within the communities, resulting in numerous children from those communities achieving recognition as national and state-level athletes.
    Additionally, the commitment to fostering sporting talent includes a dedicated football club headquartered in Delhi NCR, providing a platform for aspiring footballers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This club is meticulously overseen by seasoned coaches and adopts a holistic player development approach that encompasses skill enhancement, physical fitness, and dietary considerations.

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