Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust

Empowers underprivileged individuals through education, offering online coaching and employment support to transform lives and alleviate poverty

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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The Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust is a non-profit entity dedicated to lighting the path of education to eradicate poverty. Intending to empowe Read morer and transform lives through education, its objective is to educate 10,000 students who have dropped out of school or college, providing quality education to disadvantaged individuals and assisting them in securing suitable employment opportunities. The trust concentrates on nurturing the potential of children, youth, and women through holistic education, employing tutorials, schools, partnerships, and community initiatives. Its dedication extends to aiding students and women in recognizing their inherent value and capabilities. Presently, its primary focus lies on a freely accessible online coaching platform aimed at assisting needy students across India, designed with mobile responsiveness for easy access. The ultimate aim is to promote global education, positively impacting lives and alleviating the challenges faced by those in difficult circumstances. Since 2010, the Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust has constantly endeavoured to enhance the educational prospects of underprivileged students.


To date, 88 volunteers have contributed to its campaign, impacting 256 students, out of which 22 have successfully graduated under the Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust's initiatives.


  • Social Activities

    Engaging in social skills activities is crucial for children to cultivate positive relationships and gain insight into others' emotions and thoughts. These extracurricular initiatives, accessible through schools, communities, and various organizations, play a vital role in fostering social development. Unfortunately, the current circumstances in rural Bengaluru limit the participation of both men and women in such activities. Examples include involvement in school newspapers, student councils, volunteering programmes, sports, and youth groups, as well as initiatives like Education Awareness for Elders and Women's Gatherings.

  • Livelihoods Programme

    The Livelihood Programme, driven by the mission to alleviate poverty and address inequality, focuses on generating employment opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. With a particular emphasis on Women Empowerment, the programme is dedicated to fostering micro-businesses. By empowering women and facilitating the establishment of small-scale enterprises, the initiative aims to create sustainable livelihoods for families, promoting economic stability and social upliftment in the pursuit of a more equitable society.

  • Free Study Centre Programme

    Dedicated to upholding the rights of students and women, the Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust is committed to delivering quality education, a primary focus of the organisation. Additionally, the systematic empowerment of rural communities, especially women, forms a key area of impact for the NGO. Through initiatives like the "Free Study Center," the Trust provides essential educational resources and support to needy and economically disadvantaged students, contributing to the broader goal of fostering education and empowerment in underprivileged communities.

Leadership Team

  • Jaganathan Rajagopal

    Founder & President

  • Jean Catherine

    Secretary & Skill Trainer

  • Divya Tejaswini

    Joint Secretary & Organiser

  • Smitha Rajarathinam

    Treasurer & Fund Raiser

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    1281, 9th Cross, 1st Main, RK Hegde Nagar, Bangalore, 743395

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    Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust

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    Lamp Educational and Charitable Trust

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