Swaniti Initiative

Provides help to tackle social issues through a 3 pronged approach of experience and research, technology and data

  • Started: 2012
  • New Delhi, Delhi


Swaniti Initiative aims to solve social problems through its experience in the social sector by helping implement public schemes, taking help of techn Read moreology to streamline processes and making use of available data in the form of inputs from the key stakeholders. It provides advisory and project management services to public as well as private institutions. This service is aimed at facilitating transfer of benefits of Government programmes to the poor as well as assist implementation of the programmes. It encourages young professionals to contribute to the social sector by placing them under parliamentarians in different constituencies to enable them to innovate and come up with novel solutions. Frequent meetings with parliamentarians are organised to understand their difficulties and brainstorm solutions. It has been active to hold meetings with decision makers from Bangladesh to inform them of the best practices involving maternal health. It works together with the Government of India to provide project management expertise to implement the District Minerals Funds Trust. The project management unit conducts field research and advices the Government on effective utilisation of funds. It was invited by the World Bank to present its e-learning package on Public Financial Management System to the representatives of the Slovakian Government to enable them to implement it in future. It is involved in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research. It collects, stores and analyses data for the purpose of advising parliamentarians, civil society organisations and private institutions. It has set up an inhouse team “Ank Aha Solutions” to design and build tools which can analyse and provided data driven decision making. It is actively providing analysis driven advice to the Government and public agencies on co-ordination of Covid-19 relief work and many aspects of recovery from the pandemic situation besides conducting research on climate change and providing appropriate advice.


  • Research
  • Governance
  • Impact Analysis


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13/14, Block 13, Sarvapriya Vihar

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New Delhi

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