Gram Vikas

Partners with rural communities to build inclusive, sustainable, dignified quality of life

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    Berhampur, Odisha

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Gram Vikas is a community development organization working with rural communities in Odisha and Jharkhand since 1979, to help them build a dignified l Read moreife. We do this through building capacities, strengthening community institutions, and mobilising resources. We work on issues related to water, livelihoods and sanitation and hygiene, with use of appropriate technology being a key element. Building village institutions to manage village development and participate effectively in the local governance processes is the cornerstone of the approach. Our work has benefitted more than 12 lakhs households in about 8,195 habitations across 983 Gram Panchayats in 27 districts of the two States. Vision and Mission The vision of Gram Vikas is an equitable and sustainable society where people live in peace with dignity. The Mission of Gram Vikas is to “promote processes which are sustainable, socially inclusive and gender equitable, to enable critical masses of poor and marginalized rural people and their communities to achieve a dignified quality of life”. Values and Ethos Gram Vikas operates on the foundational values of inclusion, equity, and dignity. Both individually and collectively, we at Gram Vikas are dedicated to cultivating an organisational culture that embodies and upholds these principles. We are embedded in the community Our actions are anchored in the evolving needs of our partner communities, with every outcome forged collaboratively, valuing their knowledge and trusting their capabilities. Motivated by solidarity over charity, we strengthen the collective agency of the communities to carve their paths towards dignified lives. We have people at the centre We value our team as our greatest asset, fostering a workplace prioritising continuous learning, growth, and professionalism. Honouring our core value of inclusion, we ensure equal opportunities for all team members, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, age, or orientation, and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are open, transparent and collaborative We champion open communication and growth, embracing new ideas, providing empathetic feedback, and having authentic, respectful discussions. We emphasise transparency and collaboration across all levels, valuing the diverse contributions and perspectives of our teams, communities, and stakeholders. We are agile and resilient In an ever-changing, volatile world, we embrace change and take risks, leveraging technology and both new and indigenous knowledge to remain agile and ethical. Through continuous learning, acknowledging diverse voices, and fostering communities of support, we build resilience in our teams and systems.


Key Achievements Enhanced Livelihoods • Land productivity improved in 10,370 hectares of land • 10,000+ hectares of forests regenerated • 276 primary collectives benefitting 2844 farmers • 6,716 persons, of which 742 women, with enhanced skills for jobs Education Equity • Four residential high schools, catering to 1,736 boys and girls from remote villages • 890 boys and 642 girls, first-generation learners, pass Class 10 Water Security and Better Health • 1472 open-defecation free villages, with 108,645 households with own toilets and bathing rooms with running water • 1,431 villages managing their own integrated drinking water and sanitation systems Sustainable Habitats • 58,000 households with renewable energy options for domestic needs • 16,568 households in 175 villages with disaster-proof houses Building community institutions • Self-managed development systems in 1700 habitations • ₹ 10.80 crore raised and managed by communities as village corpus funds • 162 habitations with Village Poverty Reduction Plans, integrated into Gram Panchayat Development Plans Support to Government • Village Water and Sanitation Committees formed and Village Action Plans prepared in 7678 Villages of 892 Gram Panchayats in four districts of Odisha, as Implementation Supporting Agency (ISA) to the Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water department for the Jal Jeevan Mission.


  • Water Secure Gram Panchayat Programme

    The WSGP Programme aims to enable community-led water resource management and resilient, sustainable and gender equitable institutions. It brings together work in the areas of Village Institutions, Water, Sanitation and Health, Livelihoods, Education and Youth and Habitat and Technologies, contributing to improved health and economic outcomes for rural households. The Gram Panchayat, as a federation of its constituent habitations, is the unit of implementation. We envisage covering 1000 Gram Panchayats in Odisha and Jharkhand by the year 2030.

  • Safe and Dignified Migration Programme

    The SDM Programme seeks to support opportunistic or aspirational migration, as against migration out of distress, to enable a dignified livelihood for the rural communities that we work with. The programme contributes to the overall social and economic development of remote areas and aims to enable stronger coping with the impacts of climate change. The migrating persons, staying behind families, local communities and local governments are the key stakeholders in the process. The SDM Programme is being taken up in 15 Blocks of four districts, covering nearly 4.5 lakh households.

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    • 2022-23 235000
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    Water Secure Gram Panchayat

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    • 2022-23 82000

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    Gram Vikas, Mohuda village, Ganjam district, Berhampur, 760002

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