Nayi Disha Resource Centre

Empowers families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with information to help their family members achieving their true potential

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Nayi Disha Resource Centre is actively involved in educating and informing families of people with mental disabilities to help them assist the disable Read mored person. It provides verified and qualified information in an easily accessible manner, involves Government agencies and NGO’s and such families together to form an eco-system of support who can help one another to make life better for the disabled people. It essentially aims to bring families of people who have mentally and development disabilities in touch with each other to share their advice and experiences so that there can be mutual understanding and its always seen that issues can be tackled better in a community effort. It also facilitates setting up such groups and communities in different cities in the country and has a directory of service providers and communities listed in its website to help search for help for specific conditions.


Despite 50 million children at risk of intellectual disabilities (ID) in India, there is a severe lack of awareness and information is not easily available. Families needing information have no support and run pillar to post leading to delayed diagnosis, reduced uptake of services. They are unable to actively contribute to the child's development and instead fall for quacks which does more harm.


Nayi Disha Resource Centre(NDRC) provides education, support and hope to families affected by ID by leveraging technology. Our online platform provides families with crucial evidence-based information across life stages of different disabilities, regarding therapies, education, home management, future planning and connects them to an ecosystem of verified services and other families on a similar journey. Online services are supported with physical workshops, support group meets, printed booklets and also WhatsApp for parents with minimum to no digital literacy. Our helpline is available on phone and WhatsApp to offer assistance to those who are unable to reach the online platform. Our solution is directed towards families and we believe that they are true change-agents with the ability to develop their child’s strength to the maximum. We have created a web-enabled and mobile-accessible service platform ( that brings various stakeholders together and provides quality, localized information to families in an easily accessible manner. We support online services through offline events. Online services: 1. Information Resources: Information on various developmental disabilities spanning topics across various life-stages. 2. A National directory of trustworthy service providers tagged with geo-location, services, conditions covered and ability to rate providers. 3. A strong community of families– both online and offline 4. Phone/WhatsApp helpline -Helpline to help families that approach for information and guidance. We have received over 10000 queries from across the country and even from abroad. Offline services: 1. Regular parent training workshops and helpdesks 2. Print copies are made available for families who cannot access online material Integrated one-stop solution for families seeking help: All of our services are tied together and work as a whole for the parent. While each of the services is inherently important, families are able to find everything pertaining to their need on a single platform, and their needs are holistically addressed.

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Vision: To empower and equip families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with information and knowledge to support their children in achieving their true potential.

Mission: To provide hope and support to parents as primary caregivers of children touched by Autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities.
To build an evolving ecosystem and a strong interactive community of all stakeholders including health and education providers, non-governmental organisations and other families.
To drive the reach countrywide through digital technology and innovation, in an understood language.

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Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, HT Parekh Foundation, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, Colruyt IT Consultancy, Synchrony International Services Private Limited.


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    To serve families across the socio-economic, digital access diversity in India, Nayi Disha has designed a blended service model where online services are complemented with offline services to ensure that no family is left behind.To serve families across the socio-economic, digital access diversity in India, Nayi Disha has designed a blended service model where online services are complemented with offline services to ensure that no family is left behind.

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Theory of Change

Nayi Disha is a life long partner for families affected by Autism and other developmental disabilities. We help the child reach his/her true potential by providing families with information, guidance and hope.
Our theory of change Empowered Families, they would act as change agents in the lives of children, helping the children to attain their potential.

Leadership Team

  • Prachi Deo

    Executive Director

  • Nidhi Srivastava

    Senior Manage HR and Partnerships

  • Jagdish Jalanila

    Senior Manager-Finance and Accounts

  • Aditi Koomar

    Manager- Donor Management and Partnerships

  • Lavanya Sriram

    Manager- Helpline

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