Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

Works to uplift the fishing community by introducing new fishing practices, connecting them to technology and providing training in the fishery sector. Our focus is to establish water for all, water for livelihood.

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Centre for Aquatic Livelihood - Jaljeevika is working to develop people from the fishing community. It is involved in multiple initiatives like traini Read moreng, promoting women farmers, introducing modern methods of maintaining fisheries and encouraging building of co-operatives. The organisation attempts to resolve challenges like absence of credit facility, no central knowledge or advisory centre, lack of transport facilities, absence of market linkage, no local processing facilities, bad quality seeds. It provides training to small and seasonal pond owners, fish farmers through the AquaEDP model, Through Installation of new and affordable technologies, developing business insight, market information, linking farmers with service providers, innovation and adoption of latest technologies like Recirculatory aquaculture system, Bioflock, Aquaponics, cold chain system and small scale processing technologies etc will help in developing multiple enterprises across rural India. Its AquaLab initiative aims to promote and facilitate the contribution that fisheries and aquaculture sector makes to poverty reduction, sustainable economic growth‚ better nutrition and economic opportunities in rural India. The programme includes community based effort to build knowledge, organise training programmes for fish farmers, promote collective action, encourage adoption of integrated farming models, and facilitate merging models to ensure support from a government department. Through AquaFPO It facilitates improving good governance practices and establishing a democratic value system in co-operatives, engaging co-operatives with social development and empowerment process by tackling the local social issues. Partnering with J P Morgan Chase and Microsoft the organisation is developing strategies to provide support to fishermen through the means of information technology. The plan is to connect small fishermen with online information such as location specific figures, market intelligence, banks, Government agencies and Insurance providers. To enable women to participate in the income generation for households Jaljeevika is actively encouraging and engaging with women from the fishing community, to join the small fishery businesses. They are inducted into non-farm activities like seed production, management, decision making and trade. It also conducts training in aquaculture for a fee. The trainees are taught about fish and their breeds, perform pre-culture and post-culture activities, stocking and implementation of advance technologies.


  • AquaEDP: Aqua entreprenuership development in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra

    This project has developed AQUASChool in each district in collaboration with Govt programs like MAVIM, UMED to train farmers on fisheries-based livelihood initiatives. we are promoting government-supported programs like Kissan credit card, PMMSY to bring new micro-entrepreneurs to provide ecosystem services for fish farmers and cooperatives.
    working with women SHG is one of the major components of this program.

  • CHAKRA fellowship

    Chakra fellowship is an innovative program to train youth and adolescents to join marine courses and join the marine logistic industry as sea ferers.

  • Climate resilient integrated aqua agri farming in resource poor zone

    We are promoting climate-resilient integrated farming in flood-affected areas of Bihar and dry areas of Madhya Pradesh. pond-based livelihood development across the fisheries value chain is promoted in this program.
    women vendors collective is developed to link them with the market and consumers, we have also promoted AQUAFUND - a P2P credit linkages program for fish vendors.

Impact Metrics

  • Micro Entrepreneurs

    Program Name


    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2020-21 250
    • 2021-22 300
    • 2022-23 500
  • Farmers Trained on Better Management Practices

    Program Name

    AquaEDP and climate resilient integrated farming

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 2600
    • 2022-23 5850
  • Women Vendors Livelihood Promotion

    Program Name

    Climate resilient livelihood

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 160
    • 2022-23 300

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  • Neelkanth Mishra


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    11, Snehkunj Apartments, Jambhulkar Chowk, Vikas Nagar, Wanowrie, Pune, 411040

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    Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

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    Jaljeevika Infotech private limited

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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)

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