Durgapur Sikshalaya Welfare Society

Empowers society by addressing various needs like eldercare, education, healthcare, and advocacy for equal rights and sustainability

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  • Headquarters

    Bardhamaan, West Bengal

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Durgapur Sikshalaya Welfare Society(DSWS) began when a group of friends united to contribute to society. Aligned with the beliefs of the Society for O Read morerganisational Learning's founder, who emphasizes that 'sustainability, social equality, and the environment are now business problems,' DSWS stands as a secular, non-profit organisation. Addressing various causes like disadvantaged older persons, child education, healthcare, livelihood, and women empowerment, DSWS envisions a society where the elderly enjoy active, healthy, and dignified lives. Recognized with the 'UN Population Award 2020,' DSWS has been praised for its remarkable contributions to ageing-related matters, COVID-19 relief efforts, and advocacy for the rights of older persons in India. Operating through 26 state offices, DSWS implements programmes directly in healthcare, age care, livelihoods, disaster response, and advocacy for elder-friendly policies at national, state, and societal levels.


  • Education Programmes

    The organisation is committed to UNESCO's vision of holistic and humanistic education globally, recognizing its fundamental role in human, social, and economic development. Durgapur Sikshalaya aims to provide holistic education and sustainable livelihoods to 5,000 children in the next five years, focusing on shelter homes, communities, and schools. Bridging gaps in formal education and opportunities, the NGO offers language and STEAM education, life skills support, and scholarships for higher education to underprivileged children through various channels like volunteers, fellows, and community youth in orphanages, schools, and urban slums, respectively.

  • Healthcare Programmes

    DSWS initiated health programmes to provide healthcare universally, with a particular focus on urban poor and underserved villagers. Mobile health clinics cater to distant and informal settlement areas, addressing healthcare gaps in communities where awareness is lacking. DSWS's healthcare initiative includes campaigns, regular health camps, and mobile clinics providing screening, medical care, and medicines. Integrating telemedicine, DSWS offers teleconsultation facilities, lab services, and medicines through dedicated centres, benefitting remote populations. The organisation has conducted over 35,000 cataract surgeries, restoring sight and dignity to more than 9 lakh elders since 1980.

  • Livelihoods Programme

    Mobilizing elders for sustainable income, DSWS establishes Elder-Self-Help-Groups (ESHGs) federated into higher-level community institutions. Recognized by the Ministry of Rural Development, this model supports 7,415 groups with 95,584 elderly individuals across 16 states in India, empowering them to regain dignity. In the COVID-19 pandemic, DSWS ensures safety by adhering to hygiene measures, including face masks, hand sanitization, and social distancing, prioritizing the well-being of elders and frontline workers.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    Launched by Durgapur Sikshalaya, the women empowerment programme targets marginalized women and adolescent girls, focusing on community engagement, education, and livelihood support. The programme adopts an innovative approach to boost self-esteem and inner strength, emphasizing individual and collective empowerment. By addressing healthcare, nutrition, and Government schemes, it seeks to elevate their quality of life. Special initiatives aid potential women entrepreneurs, fostering an ecosystem for progress and excellence, with a broader goal of creating a gender-equal society involving men and boys.

  • Disaster Response Programme

    DSWS initiated disaster intervention programs in 2012, becoming a pioneering force in swift and effective response among voluntary organisations. The unique disaster response model targets not only the elderly but the entire community, delivering food, clothing, and shelter with a focus on establishing sustainable rehabilitation programs. DSWS promptly addressed disasters like earthquakes, floods, and cloudbursts, showcasing its resilience. The Madaha Elders Village, a testament to long-lasting rehabilitation, provides shelter and livelihood opportunities for the rural poor, exemplifying community support in crises.

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    2nd Floor, Agamoni Apartment, Apcer Garden, Bardhamaan, 713304

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    Smile Foundation

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