Solidarity Foundation

Works to create a society which respects individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation, gender identity or sex workers through supporting, fundraising and grants

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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The Solidarity Foundation supports sex workers, gender and sexual minorities through various initiatives. It focuses on institutional strengthening, l Read moreeadership building, livelihood and wellbeing programmes, and raising awareness about overlooked issues. The Foundation operates on a national scale and works closely with grassroots organisations and activists to develop campaigns and projects. It facilitates the flow of resources and knowledge among different stakeholders, including community organisations, corporate entities, professionals, and practitioners. Its mission is to strengthen movements of gender and sexual minorities and sex workers, aiming to create a just society where individuals can live with dignity and freedom. The Foundation promotes collective action, capacity building, and building alliances to address gender-based violence, improve health and livelihood outcomes, and foster inclusivity. Its vision is a world that supports diversity and social justice for disadvantaged groups based on sexuality, gender identity, or occupation as sex workers. It provides crisis intervention programs to support affected individuals and contributes to policy changes. It prioritizes community empowerment, capacity building, and forming alliances to create sustainable and long-term solutions.


  • Children of Sex Workers Programme

    Solidarity Foundation recognizes the significant impact of stigma on the children of sex workers. Through engaging in meaningful conversations with sex worker mothers in Karnataka, the organisation is developing a tailored programme to address the unique needs of these children. The programme will encompass essential aspects such as education and housing, aiming to create a sense of security and well-being for both the mothers and their children. Additionally, the Foundation intends to provide psychosocial support for mothers who wish to discuss their occupation with their children, ensuring a supportive environment for open communication.

  • Crisis Intervention Programme

    Crisis interventions play a crucial role in addressing traumatic incidents that communities face in various contexts. Solidarity Foundation's crisis intervention programme aims to provide prompt and suitable responses to these crises. Offering support and building a sense of community, enhances feelings of security, improves access to human rights and entitlements, reduces violence, and promotes overall well-being. Additionally, the programme facilitates effective documentation of crises and interventions, enabling the organisation to learn from experiences and advocate for policy changes with relevant Government and non-government agencies. By sustaining these efforts, a strong crisis management team can be formed, ensuring continued support and improvement in addressing crises.

  • Project Vayati

    Project Vayati is an initiative aimed at facilitating employment opportunities for transgender individuals in the formal sector. The project focuses on understanding the community's needs and engaging corporate support. It helps transgender individuals develop relevant skills, boosts their confidence, and provides guidance during interviews and placements. Efforts are made to create an inclusive work environment in partnering companies. A part of this project is a 12-day residential training programme.

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  • Riah Sivakumar

    Member, Board of Trustees

  • Shubha Chacko

    Executive Director

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    No. 8, Tom Villa, Sweet Water Well Woad, RMV 2nd stage post, Nagashettyhalli, Bangalore, 560094

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