Equitable Tourism Options

Advocates for fair and inclusive tourism, examining and influencing policies to ensure local benefits, emphasizing democratic decision-making and societal well-being

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Equitable Tourism Options, known as EQUATIONS, is an Indian group that studies and influences tourism policies. It focuses on how tourism affects diff Read moreerent aspects like the economy, environment, society, culture, and politics, especially for people living near tourist spots. EQUATIONS works closely with other groups and grassroots movements to make sure tourism brings local benefits and considers the problems of uncontrolled growth. Started in 1985, EQUATIONS began when changes in tourism and economic policies happened. While the rich and the tourism industry gained, EQUATIONS questioned how this affected tribal communities, Dalits, women, coastal residents, and the poor. EQUATIONS dreams of a world where everyone can decide their future. It supports fair tourism, where decisions are made together, and benefits are shared. The group believes individuals and communities can make society better. It actively works for justice, fairness, people-centred action, fairness in decision-making, and open dialogue.


  • Research Programme

    Research forms the cornerstone of EQUATIONS' activities. The organisation delves into the intricate connections between tourism, its developmental dynamics, and the communities and ecosystems most impacted. Through the lenses of sustainability, social justice, governance, policy, economics, and ecology, it employs a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods. EQUATIONS conducts first-person interviews, scrutinizes Government policies, engages in on-the-ground documentation, surveys, news tracking, and employs GIS mapping to substantiate its research. This comprehensive approach enables the organisation to thoroughly analyze and understand the multifaceted impacts of tourism on various stakeholders.

  • Campaign Programmes

    EQUATIONS focuses on empowering local communities to control their livelihoods and resources. It supports their advocacy against unjust tourism, helping organise movements and strengthening dialogue with the Government and industry. Campaigns target unfair tourism, advocating at various levels for decentralized democracy, emphasizing community control over livelihoods and resources. EQUATIONS works to ensure people's experiences shape positive changes in tourism policies.

  • Advocacy Programme

    In its advocacy efforts, EQUATIONS collaborates with local communities and partner organisations to promote inclusive, fair, and sustainable policies in tourism development. The organisation emphasizes democratic practices and local self-governance, asserting that policies should resonate with the experiences and aspirations of the communities involved. EQUATIONS diligently monitors and evaluates Government policies related to tourism, engaging with state authorities and other entities to contribute to the formulation of more inclusive and equitable policies. Simultaneously, it collaborates with the tourism industry, fostering awareness about the social and ecological impacts of tourism. Through this, EQUATIONS advocates for the adoption of socially conscious and equitable policies and practices within the tourism sector.

  • Collaboration Initiatives

    EQUATIONS actively collaborates with grassroots organisations, activists, researchers, trade unions, legal and policy experts, and local communities who share its vision for just, equitable, and people-centric governance, policies, and industry practices. These collaborations, even with those not exclusively focused on tourism, provide valuable insights into specific locations, fostering nuanced perspectives. The network of collaborators extends EQUATIONS' reach, facilitating mutual learning and the development of well-informed viewpoints. Together, they share information, build networks, respond swiftly to developments, conduct research, and support advocacy efforts, enhancing EQUATIONS' effectiveness in addressing the complex challenges related to tourism.

  • Outreach Programme

    Outreach is a pivotal component of EQUATIONS' mission for a more equitable, democratic, and just future in tourism. The organisation's outreach endeavours aim to raise awareness about the impacts of tourism, concentrating efforts on students, researchers, like-minded organisations, and the media. EQUATIONS seeks to foster subtle and complete perspectives on tourism, influencing public discourse and promoting dialogue and engagement on relevant issues.

    Since its establishment in 1985, EQUATIONS has amassed a wealth of knowledge on tourism, development, communities, ecologies, and evolving state policies. The organisation's extensive research, publications, papers, and library resources serve as valuable support for academics and researchers exploring various subjects related to tourism. This reservoir of information contributes significantly to understanding the diverse facets that intersect with tourism, furthering the collective knowledge in the field.

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