International Association for Human Values (IAHV)

Empowers individuals and communities through initiating multiple programmes on disaster response, livelihood generation, education, gender equality and village development besides others

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    New Delhi, Delhi

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IAHV(International Association for Human Values) India was founded by Sri Ravi Shankar who has also founded the Art of Living organisation. It envisio Read morens developing the individual, the community and the planet through stressing human-based values. It works on multiple programmes to provide education, disaster relief, human rights and peace, sanitation and waste management, sustainable living, skilling, gender equality, women empowerment, village development, conservation, river rejuvenation and renewable energy. It partners with local and international organisations and also respective Governments to take forward its development initiatives. It is also a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and plays an active part in international peace and conflict resolution initiatives.


IAHS India has conducted 1.5 million trauma relief workshops, conducted 70,000 + students in our free schools and 81 million trees planted.


  • Sustainable Livelihoods & Skilling

    The organisation involves itself in creating opportunities to skill youth and women, also enabling them through leadership training. It seeks to create rural enterprises and entrepreneurs working to come up with innovations in drinking water, new technologies, smokeless cook stoves, agriculture and environment-friendly products.

  • Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Programme

    The organisation empower women to stand up on their feet through skilling programmes and creating self-help groups, also generating awareness through workshops aimed at strengthening them and increasing their resolve to fight against malpractices such as girl child protection and child marriage.

  • Disaster Relief Programme

    It works to provide relief and rehabilitation to disaster-hit areas providing food, clothes, medicine, shelter, doctors, counsellors and other physical and mental support. It conducts sessions to direct survivors towards future possibilities instead of concentrating on loss. Its volunteers engage themselves in rebuilding infrastructure and systems in disaster-prone areas and rehabilitating local populations.

  • Afforestation Programme


    To help environmental conservation and increase green cover plantation drives are undertaken. The effort follows a 3 step process of preparing soil and drip irrigation facilities, protecting the planted trees from animals and local cattle and daily monitoring to prevent any disaster.

  • Education Programmes

    IAHS India operates schools to improve the learning intake of children and move away from conventional rote methods through the use of technology, life skill training and literary training. It provides education free of cost collaborating with the community and inculcating human values in its students.

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