Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation

Creates equal opportunities for underprivileged children through education, healthcare, nutrition, and skill development in urban areas

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Lotus Petal Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in November 2011 with the primary objective to create equal opportunities for underprivile Read moreged children living in urban and semi-urban areas. We create high impact interventions in education, healthcare and nutrition by using innovative methodologies, scientific rigor, use of data and analytics for the child and also for his/her community. Vision : To nurture individuals and bring about a transformation in their lives through education. Mission : To provide exemplary education, nutritious meals, healthcare facilities and skill development to the children and adults of the urban poor in India. To provide an ecosystem for people all across the world to contribute towards the cause of education with their skills, time and money. Goal : To ensure quality education and nutrition for all children for holistic development and make them career ready by the time they passed grade 12. Our Core Values: We trust in the intrinsic goodness of people and believe that giving selflessly transforms both the giver and the receiver. At Lotus Petal Foundation, we believe that education is the single most empowering tool that changes an individual’s life. To achieve this transformation, we provide exemplary school education to the underprivileged children living in the urban slums and enable people across the globe to support the cause in ways that make them feel engaged and agents of change too. All of us passionately believe in equal opportunities.

Demographies Served

Vision & Mission

Our Vision- To nurture individuals and bring about a transformation in their lives through education.

Our Mission- To provide exemplary education, nutritious meals, healthcare facilities and skill development to the children and adults of the urban poor in India. To provide an ecosystem for people all across the world to contribute towards the cause of education with their skills, time and money.

Donor History

1. Concentrix
2. Sambhi Foundation
3. Fidelity
4. United Way Delhi
5. Pehel Foundation (pnb housing CSR)


  • Vidya Sahyog: A cost effective methodology to impart quality education to under-privileged children

    Vidya Sahyog as a program has been designed and is being implemented from the year 2020 focusing on improving learning outcomes in Government and NGO Schools which have limited resources to upgrade themselves to deliver quality education for underprivileged children. The main activities include upgrading the physical infrastructure of some and conducting interactive classes through hybrid mode.

  • Lotus Petal Sr. Secondary School


    LPSSS is a regular English medium school that runs classes at age-appropriate levels from KG to Grade 12. It is primarily based on the idea of sustainable development with state-of-the-art infrastructure located at Dhunela. LPSSS is focused on improving education outcomes by the provision of quality education, increasing the retention rate and developing a sound foundation that prepares underprivileged children for mainstream life.

  • Pratishthan Learning Centre at Lotus Petal Foundation


    The Pratishthan Learning Centre (PLC) Programme of Lotus Petal Foundation is a five-year fast track schooling program for students who are lagging in learning outcomes by age due to fractured education. Under this programme students from grades 6th to 12th are provided special guidance, resources and teaching assistance to complete their schooling in five years.

  • Jeevika (Skill Development Programme)


    The Skill Development Programme focuses on sectors like Retail Sales, Hospitality, Banking & Financial Services & Insurance, Digital Marketing, Automobile Sales, Hardware & Networking IT industry etc. The duration of these courses range from 3 months – 6 months. This programme is being offered to young adults in the age bracket of 18 – 25 years so that they may be equipped to get jobs based on skills.

  • Age-Appropriate Education Program (Vidyananda School & Lotus Petal Sr. Secondary School)

    Vidyananda is an age-appropriate English medium feeder school in Gurugram for underprivileged children. It uses the NCERT-based curriculum and offers a hybrid learning model, making it a lockdown-proof school. The school provides a tailor-made curriculum for each child from the underprivileged community, and detailed assessment reports are maintained to track their development discreetly.

    To support children with learning delays and difficulties, a special educator conducts regular classes. The school encourages early exposure to computers, offers STEM education, and emphasizes practical applications of scientific concepts. It also addresses nutrition gaps by providing special breakfast and nutritious meals to younger children.

    Regular health check-ups are conducted, and detailed health reports are maintained to monitor each child's progress. Additionally, psychological counseling is available to students in need, helping them overcome challenges and develop a better understanding of their difficulties.

    The Lotus Petal Sr. Secondary School, located in Dhunela, Gurugram, aims to extend its offerings up to Grade 12 once it receives CBSE affiliation. Currently, classes are offered from Grade 2 to Grade 8. With a strong focus on individualized learning and comprehensive support, Vidyananda strives to provide a quality education and nurturing environment for underprivileged children in the community.

  • Fast-Track Learning Program (Pratishthan Learning Center)

    Pratishthan Learning Centre is a unique fast-track education program. This program gets an out-of-school teenager career-ready in 5 years based on education. The students complete Grade 6 to 10 in 3 years and in the next 2 years complete Grade 12 along with a vocational skill. Affiliated to National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board, the program follows a tailor-made curriculum especially designed for fast-track education for school dropouts from underprivileged communities. It focuses on mainstreaming students by organizing industry internships and corporate interactions. These engagements prepare them for getting and holding a job. Communication skill-enhancing, personality development, language ability, soft skill training (for ease of job hiring), and etiquette development are integrated into the curriculum to encourage the holistic development of the students. Rigorous counselling and scientific tests are conducted by counsellors and teachers to assist students to make informed choices and join best suited vocational courses according to their skill set, that coach them beyond their academic curriculum.

  • Vidya Sahyog

    The Vidya Sahyog program provides support to affordable private schools, remote learning centers, government schools, NGO schools and feeder schools in multiple areas like e-learning, physical classes and infrastructure support. Trained staff sitting at our campus delivers live online lectures to schools in remote areas, and the teachers in partner schools assist in the smooth running of the online classes. Partner school teachers play an important role in the implementation of these live interactive classes. They are trained on how to start & assist the online classes, take attendance and manage and share student queries.The program follows a tailor-made curriculum basis the learning levels of the students. The curriculum is designed in consultation with the headmistress of each school. For smooth running of e-learning classes, partner school teachers are trained on how to start and assist the online classes, take attendance and manage and share student queries. Where required, we allocate teachers for schools who can visit and take physical classes for the students. Under Vidya Sahyog program, we also provide infrastructure support to schools that includes restoration of pre-existing infrastructure like renovation of classrooms, school kitchen, toilets, terrace waterproofing, etc. construction of water tank and installation of blackboards, computer room, RO & water cooler. The infrastructure support is provided in partnership with corporates.

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Theory of Change

Following are the key points explaining the development framework of Lotus Petal Foundation-
● We identify the problem by examining the background of underprivileged children.
● These children have either no exposure to school or have low learning levels and belong to low income households.
● These children usually have low nutrition levels and poor health.
● To uplift them, Lotus Petal Foundation intervened with three development indicators i.e., Education, Nutrition and Livelihood.
● There are various programmes run under these indicators.
● The results from this intervention is that they attain formal education, improved nutritional and mental health.
● With these positive results, they witness social inclusion in society.
● The outcome of an overall intervention is the assimilation of underprivileged children in mainstream society.
● This change process takes place with the support of its key stakeholders by constantly encouraging its stakeholders by conducting awareness campaigns.

Leadership Team

  • Kushal Raj Chakravorty

    Founder and Managing Trustee

  • Saloni Bhardwaj

    Co-founder and Chief Transformation Officer

  • Rakesh Jetli

    VP, Projects and Operations

  • Rajat Pangasa

    AVP, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Naveen Gurg

    Head, Finance and Accounts

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    Gali No. 5, Village Silokhera, Plot No.3 South City -1 Market, Beside Unitech House, Gurgaon, 122000


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