Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games

Empowers Indian athletes to achieve Olympic gold medals through customised support and resources, besides acting to bridge the gap between the Government, sports federations, and athletes

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The Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games, through its programme Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ), aims to bridge the gap between the Indian Government Read more, Sports Federations, and athletes by identifying and supporting deserving athletes with the potential to win Olympic gold medals. Its experts systematically monitor and evaluate the progress of the athletes and provide customised support for their coaching, training, equipment, and sports science facilities. It has been founded by eminent sportspersons Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone and focuses on nine individual Olympic disciplines where Indian athletes have the strongest potential to win medals, which are shooting, athletics, boxing, wrestling, archery, swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, and badminton. In the last three Olympic Games, nine out of the 14 individual-sport medal winners for India were supported by the Foundation, highlighting the success of the programme in achieving its mission of supporting Indian athletes in winning Olympic gold medals. Overall, the Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games plays a vital role in identifying and supporting talented Indian athletes, providing them with the resources and guidance needed to achieve their full potential and bring glory to the nation in the international sporting arena.


The Foundation for Promotion of Sports has supported 225 Athletes who have gone ahead to participate and perform in 9 Olympics, 15 World Championships, 31 Asian Games, 55 Commonwealth Games, 06 Youth Olympics, 17 Junior World Championships, and 10 Paralympics.


  • Participation in International/Domestic Tournaments

    It offers assistance for athletes to participate in both domestic and international tournaments that are not financially supported by their respective sports federations. This support includes covering expenses such as travel, accommodation, food, and the cost of personal coach or physiotherapist assistance. All expenses related to the athlete's participation in the tournament are taken care of by the foundation.

  • Foreign Coaching & Training

    The Foundation provides athletes with opportunities to train and receive coaching from some of the best coaches in the world by sending them abroad for training sessions. This helps athletes to improve their skills and performance under the guidance of expert coaches. Additionally, the foundation organises training camps in India with top-class coaches to help athletes receive expert guidance in their own country.

  • World Class Equipment

    The Foundation offers support to athletes in the form of world-class sporting and fitness equipment, which helps them to excel on the international stage. This support includes providing athletes with the latest and most advanced equipment available. It understands the importance of using high-quality equipment to improve an athlete's performance and achieve their goals.

  • Sports Science Support

    The Foundation provides athletes with access to expert physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, sports psychologists, and sports nutritionists. These experts work with the athletes to provide regular medical and physical assessments, nutritional assistance, and mental training. In the event of an injury, the Foundation puts in place a time-bound, planned rehabilitation program, which includes surgery if necessary.

  • Administrative Support

    In addition to providing sports-related support, it also offers administrative assistance to athletes. This support is designed to help athletes focus solely on their training and competitions, without worrying about the administrative aspects of their sport. The foundation takes care of tasks such as managing travel arrangements, processing visa applications, and handling paperwork related to competitions.

  • Coaches Programme

    It runs a Coaches Programme with the aim of nurturing outstanding Indian coaches in Badminton and Shooting. The foundation believes that the development of good Indian coaches is crucial in improving India's performance at the Olympics. The programme aims to empower coaches by providing opportunities for continuous learning and building a support system for them leading to an able team of coaches ready to train athletes in reaching Olympic gold.

Impact Metrics

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    • 2017-18 153
    • 2018-19 180
    • 2019-20 214
    • 2020-21 185
    • 2021-22 261

Leadership Team

  • Viren Rasquinha

    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

  • Yatin Bhatkar

    Head - Athlete Management

  • Anukool Bharadwaj

    Head - Para Athlete Management

  • Neha Aggarwal

    Head - Partnerships & Communication

  • Vivek Pathak

    Head - IT & Website

  • Neha Pandit

    Head - Coaches Programme

  • Shubhashish Phanse


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    401, 5th floor, Anand Building, Ambedkar road, Bandra West, Mumbai, 400050


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