Humsafer Driver Safety Foundation

Works to reduce road accidents and motivates truck drivers to drive safely while staying connected with emergency contacts through development of an application and use of relevant technology

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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Humsafer uses technology to save the lives of truck drivers and thus reduce road accidents in India. It believes that 80% of accidents happen due to t Read morehe driver lacking proper training on how to drive or the drivers feeling sleepy due to extended hours of driving to meet deadlines of delivery or the uncertainty of whom to contact in case of urgent situations on the highways. It tries to address these issues by developing a mobile solution which offers on-the-spot driving corrections, encourages the driver with rewards, helps to build up the community and provides required assistance during disasters.

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In its effort to highlight drivers as frontline workers delivering oxygen cylinders during the pandemic, Humsafer has raised Rs 1.2+ Crores through 250 Sponsors reaching 800 Drivers.


  • Mobile Application

    Its mobile app uses AI and technology to promote safe driving practices and potentially save lives on the road. It offers real-time alerts in the user's local language, gamified incentives, and reminders to rest and slow down. It also provides emergency helplines, real-time assistance, and sleep detection using AI. HumSafer supports family tracking and community building, with alerts and support groups for families in case of accidents.

  • R&R Engagement Programme

    This programme awards truck drivers with points for every 10 km of safe driving, along with insurance coverage for themselves and their families, as well as concessions on fuel, tolls, and tyres. The programme features a leaderboard to keep drivers enthused to perform better, and the best drivers are awarded in special formalities. Prizes, such as the chance to win a brand-new truck, are presented to drivers every month.

  • Other Programmes

    HumSafer partners with multiple NGOs to offer free medical check-ups to drivers, particularly for sight issues like cataracts. It also provides financial literacy programmes tailored for drivers, teaching them how to save, invest, and secure their future. Furthermore, HumSafer promotes safety awareness, highlighting the significance of safe driving habits, emergency rules, and learning from others' experiences.

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  • Jehaan Kotwal

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sumedh Mane

    Chief Product Officer

  • Zuhair Ali Akbar

    Special Projects

  • Anup Alexander

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    405 Winners Court, Lullanagar, Pune, 411040


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