People's Education for Action and Community Emancipation

Advocates for environmental protection, eradicating child labour, empowering women, and promoting societal equality through extensive community engagement and awareness campaigns

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    Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

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PEACE Trust, dedicated to several causes, aims to safeguard the environment, eliminate child labour, empower rural women in poverty, address migrant l Read moreabour issues, promote health awareness, manage watersheds, advocate for labour rights internationally, and champion child rights nationally. It ensures comprehensive engagement with local communities, beneficiaries, unions, NGOs, leaders, and officials at each planning and implementation stage. Thorough assessments of project needs and local socio-economic conditions precede actions, ensuring regular oversight and corrective measures to prevent implementation gaps. Detailed reports to supporters are a priority, ensuring accountability. The Trust tirelessly pursues its goal of eradicating unsafe child labour, advising employers to improve labour standards and treat migrant workers fairly. Women are organised into self-help groups, receiving vocational training and entrepreneurial aid for financial independence and gender equality. Extensive publicizing precedes eco-friendly farming and resource management initiatives, aiming for societal-wide backing. Using various media channels, including Government and community radios, TV, newspapers, publications, leaflets, and announcements, the Trust conducts awareness campaigns on health, labour and human rights, women's empowerment, and more, tailoring approaches based on project scope and locality.


  • Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP)

    The IWMP in Vedasandur, part of PEACE Trust's efforts, aimed to enhance rural livelihoods by transforming unproductive land into productive resources, employing soil and water conservation in drought-prone areas. Through community involvement, capacity building, sustainable agricultural methods, and conservation measures, the Programme in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, successfully uplifted the region, showcasing promising outcomes.

  • Watershed Management Programme

    The Watershed Management Programme in Periyakottai, overseen by PEACE Trust, spans 10 hamlets within Dindigul district's Periyakottai Panchayat. This rain-reliant region faced low productivity due to insufficient soil and water conservation efforts, worsened by the excess exploitation of water in wells, neglected tanks, and extensive soil erosion, rendering the land infertile. Through empowering the Village Watershed Committee, involving farmers in planning, and bolstering self-help groups (SHGs), the groundwork was laid for comprehensive implementation of the watershed programme, supported by NABARD, aiming to rejuvenate the area.

  • Sustainable Development Programme

    In Coimbatore District's Kongu region, PEACE Trust initiated Action Programmes for Sustainable Development to combat severe pollution caused by industrial effluents. Factories along the Noyyal River had contaminated both the river and nearby groundwater sources. To address this, the Trust conducted training and educational sessions on environmental balance, cleaner production methods, ethical trade practices, eco-friendly approaches, and sustainable development for various stakeholders including industrialists, employees, leaders, representatives, administrators, self-help groups, youth associations, and other community segments. Additionally, a monthly electronic news bulletin was launched to facilitate programme coordination.

  • Anti-Child-Labour Action Programme


    In Karur District, considered among the most underprivileged areas in Tamil Nadu with high child labour rates, PEACE Trust initiated an Anti-Child-Labour Action Programme. The Trust conducted thorough surveys in target villages to gather information and visited suspected households to collect specific data, laying the groundwork for successful eradication efforts. Motivational programmes were organised for volunteers while establishing non-formal education centres, tuition facilities, and balwadis. Supporting these endeavours, Child Rights Groups were formed, alongside motivation camps tailored for child labourers. As a result, the Programme has shown progress, liberating child labourers and reintegrating them into formal educational institutions, signalling positive outcomes.

  • Peace Industrial School Programme

    The Peace Industrial School in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, overseen by PEACE Trust, serves as an educational and training hub for marginalized children, particularly former child labourers. It provides both formal and informal education, aiming to equip them for self-employment and sustainable livelihoods. The School offers vocational training, securing Government-recognized certificates for youth, alongside seminars addressing socio-cultural issues and motivation programmes for consumer forums and youth welfare organisations. Additionally, the School conducts awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS and health/hygiene, fostering a comprehensive learning environment.

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