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Promotes the rule of law and defends constitutional values, engaging in multidisciplinary public interest intervention, legal research, and grassroots interactions to empower citizens, fight discrimination, and improve access to justice for deprived groups

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The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a non-profit organization founded by Jayna Kothari and Sudhir Krishnaswamy. It was established to pro Read moremote the authority of law and safeguard constitutional values. CLPR believes in the Constitution of India as the authoritative point of reference and strives to ensure that it works for everyone. Its approach involves multidisciplinary public interest intervention and legal research, engaging with social issues and analyzing the law independently. CLPR aims to empower citizens to understand their socio-political contexts better and improve access to justice for marginalized groups. Their theory of change focuses on addressing bias and inequality by combining legal analysis, social science research, and grassroots interactions. It advances strategies rooted in constitutional and human rights values to support communities, including women, people with disabilities, transgender persons, and sexual minorities. CLPR is committed to impactful advocacy through law reform, policy advocacy, research, and strategic litigation in lower courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Observer is a website, initiated by CLPR, that provides coverage, analysis, and interpretation of the Supreme Court's work. The platform aims to create an unbiased repository of the Supreme Court's impact on our daily lives by reporting on relevant cases in a clear and accessible manner.


The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) has made an impact by drafting the Freedom of Marriage and Association and Prohibition of Crimes in the Name of 'Honour' Bill, 2022, providing a legal framework to contain, analyse, and judge crimes in the name of 'honour' and safeguard individual liberty. Additionally, CLPR's assistance to Jeeva resulted in the filing of an application that led to Karnataka becoming the first state in India to implement a 1% horizontal reservation for transgender persons in public employment.


  • Constitutional Culture Programme

    The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) emphasizes understanding the origins and evolution of the Constitution through research and civic education. It plays a leading role in reporting on the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution as it relates to issues affecting public life. CLPR is involved in impact litigation concerning constitutional rights, particularly in areas such as the right to education, health, and environmental law. It conducts sessions and events to engage with the constitution, such as the recent session at Ranga Shankara titled "How Do We Engage With Our Constitution?". CLPR also publishes blogs and publications that delve into various aspects of constitutional matters. ConstitutionofIndia.net, a flagship initiative of CLPR, is an open-access digital platform that acts as a repository of materials related to the Constitution.

  • Governance Reform Programme

    CLPR recognizes the importance of sustainable governance in enhancing the lives of urban citizens and improving the quality of urban areas. It engages in research and works closely with state agencies to create effective policies for the development of well-designed urban living spaces. In its latest updates, CLPR has published a report titled "Re-Imagining Bail Decision Making" which analyzes bail practices in Karnataka and provides recommendations for reform. It also organises events like the "Ethics in AI Talk Series" focusing on information regulation, artificial intelligence, and governance. Additionally, CLPR shares insights through its blog posts also.

  • Disability Rights Programme

    CLPR collaborates closely with disability rights groups and its legal team actively engages in litigation regarding the implementation of disability laws in both High Courts and the Supreme Court. It has also been involved in litigation such as the Karnataka Federation of the Blind v. State of Karnataka case. Additionally, CLPR organises events like panel discussions on topics related to disability, caste, and intersectionality.

  • Transgender Rights Programme

    CLPR actively contributes to the Transgender Rights movement through grassroots advocacy, legal research, and focused litigation. CLPR, through its trans law cell, leads litigation efforts in the Supreme Court and High Courts, providing legal support at the grassroots level and raising awareness in academic and public spheres. It has developed the South Asian Translaw Database, which serves as a valuable resource for the transgender community, legal professionals, Government officials, and academics. The database contains primary legislation, rules, policy documents, and court cases from international, national, and provincial levels, all relevant to the rights of transgender, non-binary, and intersex individuals.

  • Discrimination and Intersectionality Programme

    CLPR's primary focus is on addressing discrimination based on disability, sex, gender identity, and caste, leading to impactful legal cases and comprehensive social science research on intersectionality. It approaches discrimination by considering its intersection with gender, sexuality, and disability, particularly in relation to caste-based discrimination.

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