Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust

Empowers disadvantaged youth through IT education for sustainable livelihoods and skill development

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    Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

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Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust, established in 2014 under the Trust Act of 1882, focuses on empowering underprivileged and unemployed youth. It aim Read mores to provide sustainable livelihoods by offering training in Information Technology and Computer Education. Initially, it began a Pilot Project in remote villages of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, successfully training approximately 7000 candidates. Following its registration, the Trust took over these computer centres, now known as the Access IT Education Academy. The organisation's goal is to enable youth training in various courses through efficient resource management, innovative teaching methods, student support services, and relevant academic programmes. Its vision is to be a leading force in developing high-quality manpower resources by enhancing people's skills. It aspires to empower youth, enrich their knowledge, and equip them with the tools needed for better livelihoods and future opportunities.

Demographies Served


  • Skill Development Programme - GDA Training under PMKVY 3.0

    Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust has been dedicated to skill development training since 2014. Specifically,it has conducted vocational training in GDA courses under PMKVY - 3.0, linked to the CSSM Component of Arunachal Pradesh Skill Development Mission. This programme aims to equip students with skills to offer quality care to patients in nursing homes and hospitals. The curriculum focuses on teaching basic nursing care and patient management. GDAs collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, emphasizing empathetic and ethical conduct alongside patient care. Their responsibilities include maintaining a conducive environment for patients during their recovery.

  • MEDP Training Programme on Food Processing

    The Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust implemented a focused initiative called the Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP), designed to enhance skills and support sustainable livelihoods for experienced SHG members. This programme offers location-specific training sessions aimed at upgrading skills and cultivating basic business knowledge crucial for successfully managing micro-enterprises. In collaboration with NABARD, BLCT conducted a 15-day workshop on Food Processing & Bakery for 30 SHG members in Changlang District. The training was tailored to empower participants with essential skills, and post-programme guidance was extended to ensure continued support and development beyond the workshop.

  • Two Shaft Handloom Weaving Training Programme

    The Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust collaborated with the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) to conduct a 43-day Skill Development Programme (SDP) focused on "Two Shaft Handloom Weaving." This initiative, designed for 30 unemployed women in Changlang, aimed to equip participants with the skills needed for the role of a "Two Shaft Handloom Weaver" within the Textile Industry. The programme encompassed comprehensive training to develop competencies such as pre-weaving activities, operating loom machines, ensuring quality in handloom weaving, maintaining workspaces and equipment, fostering teamwork, ensuring workplace health and safety, and complying with industry standards. Upon completion, participants would be proficient in these key areas essential for their roles in the industry.

  • Hand Embroidery Skill Development Training Programme

    Bethel Life Care Charitable Trust facilitated a 30-day Skill Development Programme (SDP) focusing on "Hand Embroidery," supported by the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD), Arunachal Pradesh Regional Office in Itanagar. This initiative was tailored for individuals without prior experience in embroidery. Beginning with foundational knowledge about embroidery in Changlang, the programme covered diverse aspects such as needles, threads, and materials, and progressed to practical, hands-on training sessions. Upon completion, participants acquired the skills necessary for the role of a Hand Embroiderer. They gained expertise in crafting decorative designs on fabric and other materials using needle and thread, employing various sewing techniques like Cross stitch, French knot stitch, Bullion knot stitch, Shade work, Applique work, English Smocking, and mastering Flat, Loop, and Knotted stitches for different embroidery effects.

  • Income Generation Programme

    Arunachal Pradesh, known as the "land of dawn-lit mountains," boasts a rich cultural tapestry characterized by diverse tribes with unique traditions and customs. Festivals brim with vibrant colours, encapsulating the gratitude for bountiful harvests—emphasizing the significance of handloom, handicrafts, and agriculture. In Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh, handlooms serve as the cornerstone of the local economy, deeply embedded in each household's fabric. The region's major tribal communities exhibit exceptional handloom weaving prowess, crafting an array of artistically distinctive textiles. Here, a woman's proficiency in weaving stands as a key criterion for marriage, with weaving techniques passed down through generations. While traditionally a female craft, both men and women partake in the practice of handloom weaving, preserving and evolving this cultural heritage.

Impact Metrics

  • No. of Trainees Under the Gda Training Programme

    Program Name

    Skill Development Programme - GDA Training under PMKVY 3.0

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2018-19 60
    • 2019-20 120
    • 2020-21 30

Leadership Team

  • Chandan Prasad

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Purnima Tikhak


  • Lochumlo Yanthan Rera

    Project Manager

  • Nem Ngaihlian

    Principal - Nursing

  • Roney Aird

    Centre Head - Access IT Education Academy


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    Above CHENA Pharmacy, P.O./P.S - Jairampur, Changlang, 792121


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