Sahaj Foundation

Fosters rural growth through Teal-inspired workshops, promoting inner harmony and cultural heritage

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    Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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The Sahaj Foundation endeavours to empower individuals residing in rural communities by nurturing inner peace and guiding them towards purposeful live Read mores. With a focus on personal development, the organization seeks to facilitate communal flourishing following local values and aspirations. Operating predominantly in the villages of Chauntra and Baijnath Blocks within Mandi and Kangra Districts of Himachal Pradesh, it conducts workshops, dialogues, and retreats with a nationwide impact. A significant initiative of the foundation revolves around investigating the transformative capacity of Teal organizations, drawing inspiration from Frederic Laloux's influential work, 'Reinventing Organizations.' These principles underscore self-management, holistic well-being, and evolutionary purpose, to cultivate a culture of inner growth within organizations. Through community projects, the foundation endeavours to reintroduce rural children to traditional knowledge systems, imparting essential values and life skills. By employing immersive workshops that integrate project-based learning, interactive sessions, and meditation, participants are equipped to share their insights with their families and communities, thereby promoting comprehensive development and cultural preservation.


  • Swanirman Programme

    The programme spans 7-15 days, operating full-time (6-7 hours daily) during summer or winter breaks, targeting children aged 12-15. It aims to cultivate life skills, values, and awareness of the outside world among participants. By fostering communication, management, and creative abilities, instilling values like integrity and compassion, and providing exposure to post-secondary options, the program empowers children to pursue their aspirations independently. Through diverse activities including meditation, dialogue, and creative expression, it fosters holistic development.

  • Culture for Inner Growth (CIG) Intensive

    The 'Culture for Inner Growth' (CIG) Intensive, crafted by the Sahaj Foundation, aims to guide organizations toward embracing a new management paradigm. This program introduces innovative principles such as self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose, aligning organizational structures with the organic nature of living systems. Utilizing Frederic Laloux's book 'Reinventing Organisations' as a foundational resource, participants explore case studies of pioneering companies worldwide. Through interactive sessions and supplementary materials, the programme fosters a transformative learning experience over six weeks, promoting holistic growth and conscious leadership.

Leadership Team

  • Ashish Kumar

    Lead - Rural Immersion Programs

  • Divya Gupta

    Lead - Retreats

  • Ankit Srivastava

    Lead - The Vriksh

  • Manoj Sharma



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    VPO Bir, Tehsil Baijnath,, Kangra, 176077


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