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Develops and delivers affordable technologies in palliative care

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    Thrissur, Kerala

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Creativiti Council, established in 2017 as a non-profit Section 8 company, was initiated by a consortium of professionals and experts within the realm Read mores of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Nestled in Thrissur, Kerala, the organization holds a fundamental objective: to target unmet societal needs through the avenues of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial initiatives. Collaborating with an array of stakeholders, including the student community, rural innovators, grassroots organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), NGOs, research institutions, and foundations, our focus revolves around several key endeavours. The current emphasis lies in three primary areas: • Developing and Implementing Affordable Palliative Care Technologies: The organisation is dedicated to crafting and delivering cost-effective technological solutions within the realm of palliative care, catering to underserved communities. • Empowering the Youth and Student Community Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship: By fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, it strives to empower young minds and student communities, enabling them to transform ideas into impactful ventures. • Promoting Grassroots Innovations and SMEs: It is committed to showcasing, supporting, and amplifying the innovations stemming from grassroots innovators and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), recognizing their contributions to societal advancements.


  • Help them rise


    'Help Them Rise' is a campaign initiated by Creativiti Council with the aim of fostering confidence and self-reliance among bedridden and elderly patients. Through this programme, it focuses on creating and providing affordable products and services specifically designed to meet the requirements of palliative and elderly care.

  • Self-operated manual backrest


    Creativiti Council, in collaboration with TIMed - Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, through Nidhi Prayas, has engineered a self-operated recliner for beds. This innovative product serves as a valuable aid for bedridden, elderly, paraplegic, and hemiplegic patients, allowing them to rise from bed independently without requiring assistance. It empowers individuals to engage in basic activities such as eating, drinking, reading, or watching TV without external aid. The recliner's backrest can be conveniently adjusted to various positions by the patient while in a lying position, enhancing their autonomy and self-confidence. These recliners are available in two cost-effective variants – manual and electric – and are adaptable for use on household or hospital cots, offering relief to both patients and caregivers.

  • Prolinnova South India network

    Creativiti Council played a pivotal role in co-founding the Prolinnova South India network in February 2020, dedicated to promoting farmer-led innovations. This collaborative network unites various stakeholders such as NGOs, academic institutions, students, private sector entities, and agricultural research and development (ARD) institutions.

  • Novartis Social Impact Jumpstart Programme

    Creativiti Council has been chosen to participate in Novartis's Social Impact Jumpstart program. Within this initiative, proficient corporate employees from Novartis volunteered their skills to collaborate with Creativiti Council, aiming to expand the impact footprint by jointly addressing areas of shared interest. Goodera, an NGO based in Mumbai, coordinated and facilitated this program. Volunteers contributed to building a comprehensive database encompassing pain and palliative care centres across Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Additionally, they dedicated efforts to creating posters and promotional materials to enhance the visibility and promotion of Ci Care backrest.

  • Automatic toilet seat commode raiser for elderly patients

    The product primarily targets elderly patients, obese individuals, individuals with knee osteoarthritis, and pregnant women who face challenges while sitting and getting up from toilets. This initiative receives support from Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM) under the Community Development Programme.

  • Drinking water dispenser for bedridden patients

    The product allows bedridden patients to access the necessary amount of drinking water to moisten their mouth or lips independently, without requiring assistance from a bystander. This system is straightforward, compact, easy to clean, and cost-effective, catering to low-income groups. It aims to alleviate the challenges faced by bystanders in providing water to bedridden patients. The development of this product is supported by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) under the Community Development Programme.

  • S-APT (Startups for Affordable Palliative care Technologies)

    S-APT is an innovative initiative conducted in collaboration with Kerala Startup Mission, aimed at fostering startups within the polytechnic and engineering student community to address specific needs in palliative and elderly care. The project focuses on tackling identified needs in bedridden and elderly care.
    Implemented among students enrolled in engineering and polytechnic programs, the project comprises four primary phases:
    1. Creative I (Sensitization and Productization Makeathons)
    2. TRIM (Brainstorming for Fine-tuning)
    3. Creative I REFINE (Refinement of Prototypes)
    4. FORMATION (Business Proposals, Pitching, Mobilizing Investments)

  • IEITCP (India Ethiopia Innovation and Technology Commercialization Programme)

    IEITCP, an initiative by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) – Government of India, aims to commercialize established innovations from India in Ethiopia. As part of its mission, Creativiti Council has introduced the Electric Tyre Retreading Technology innovation in the program and has been chosen as one of the top ten companies from India.

  • Creative i

    Creative i is a specialized workshop curated and delivered by Creativiti Council, aimed at empowering students to foster creativity and cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Through the workshops, students engage in identifying critical societal needs, brainstorming innovative concepts, and transforming these ideas into prototypes using easily accessible materials. This interactive and practical workshop equips participants with firsthand knowledge of the innovation and entrepreneurship process.

Leadership Team

  • T J James

    Founder & CEO

  • Bobby Isaac

    Founder & Business Development Head

  • Arun S Chandran

    Technical Manager - Innovation

  • Bevin Tony

    Partnership & External Relations

  • Dr. Jippu Jacob


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    Kariattukara, Elthuruth P.O., Thrissur District - 680611, Kerala, India


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    Section 8 (formerly Section 25)