Second Chance Foundation

Rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and terminally ill individuals, providing aid, shelter, and dignity, regardless of background, guided by compassion and faith

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    Hyderabad, Telangana

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The Second Chance Foundation, an NGO registered under the Indian Trust Act, works in close collaboration with the Government to provide aid and welfar Read moree to elderly abandoned and terminally ill destitute individuals living on the fringes of society, including roads, hospitals, bus stops, and railway stations. Its mission involves rescuing and rehabilitating these individuals, integrating them into shelter homes across the city, and providing them with medical care, shelter, nourishment, and psychological support. The Foundation's founders, Jasper Paul and his wife Therisa, have dedicated their lives to serving the downtrodden and needy, regardless of their background, with a belief in upholding human dignity throughout their journey, even taking care of the last rites for those who pass away under their care. The Second Chance Foundation embraces a profound sense of purpose in serving the less fortunate and undertakes its mission with the help of a loving God, who supports and guides it in its efforts. Its commitment to compassionately care for those who have nothing to give back underscores the significance of its work in uplifting the lives of abandoned and marginalized members of society. Since its inception in 2020, the Foundation has been making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, providing a second chance for a better life and a dignified end.

Demographies Served


Impacted the lives of old and sick people and works indiscriminately with the mentally ill, the terminally ill, and those who are ailing. The needy must be rescued and nurtured, receiving the best medical attention, enough shelter, nourishing food, and any psychological and mental support they may need to survive in their new lease on life. So far rescued 1500 and 130 are residents with us.


  • Dying & Destitute

    Tries to save those who are close to death, regardless of their health situation.

    People who have been saved are frequently nearing the end of their life. Most of them have advanced illnesses and are no longer in the recovery stage. Programs for rehabilitation are established for those who make it through the rescue. During the rehabilitation phase, they are required to remain as permanent residents, and in the meantime, searches are made for the person's family. People have frequently been reunited with their families across the nation.

    Conducts community awareness campaigns, workshops, and talk shows in colleges to raise awareness of social concerns including the beggar's mafia, senior citizen rights, etc.

Leadership Team

  • Jasper Paul


  • Therisa Gopi


  • John Israel Voola


  • Joshua Paul Voola

    Board of Directors

  • Jacinth Paul

    Board of Directors

  • Saikanth Sethuram

    Board of Directors

  • Milton Raj

    Board of Directors

  • Dr. U.S Paul Russel

    Board of Directors

  • Dr. G.S Karthik

    Board of Directors

  • CH Praveen Kumar


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    Flat no 301, Chalapathi Residency, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, 500073


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