Tri-Impact Global

Tri-Impact Global is a non-profit organisation, established in 2013 that works primarily in the domain of Education. Its primary office is in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

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  • CSR-1
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Vision & Mission

Vision: Tri-Impact Global is committed to achieving a world where everyone has social security and income stability, where the dynamic existence of all natural systems and biodiversity of the planet is preserved with unconditional love, and where prosperity is seen as living our lives and doing business in perfect harmony with nature.

Mission: Tri-Impact Global builds stakeholder collaborations to achieve a positive impact on three interconnected and interdependent aspects:

Ensuring social security and income stability for marginalized People: Promoting financial inclusion, social security, access to health services, and employment stability for workers and marginal farmers.

Conserving the natural systems and biodiversity of the Planet: Promoting climate technologies, adaptive and regenerative agriculture, nature conservation.
Rebuilding the definition of Prosperity: Creating value and demand for green skills and employment, market-based preference, and incentives for sustainable business practices.

Donor History

1. GoodWeave International, USA
2. Freedom Fund, USA
3. IOM (UN Organization)
4. Ashoka Foundation, USA
5. Ulula, Canada


  • Child Friendly Community


    Providing educational support to the out of school children. The organization got out of children get enrolled in the schools or regularize their studies through MLCs (Motivational Learning Camps). The organization worked in about 54 different communities where it ensured that all children were going to school Any children not found going to school were either got enrolled through counselling of the child and his / her parents or if the age of the child is that of adolescent (especially girls) then they were asked to come to Motivational Learning Camps opened by the organization where children were given basic primary education.

Impact Metrics

  • Financial Literacy and Social Security to the Workers

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Covid Response - Awareness, Food, Mask, Sanitizers Distributed;

    Year-wise Metrics
  • No of Workers Eye Screened and Tested

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Educational Support to Children

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Enrolment of Out of School Children / Non Going to School Children (Enrolled/ Regularized)

    Year-wise Metrics
  • Government and Private Schools Received Capacity Building and Teaching and Learning Materials (Tlms). Opened Mlcs (Motivational Learning Camps)

    Year-wise Metrics

Theory of Change

Sustainable change happens only when stakeholders build meaningful collaborations to act and achieve progress. Tri-Impact identifies the need for meaningful collaborations and the gaps that hinder them. The gaps can be filled by creating opportunities for collaborative stakeholder action. The collaborative actions become more evolved, refined, and achieve scale through continuous iterations. Meaningful stakeholder collaborations bring effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and scale to the change

Leadership Team

  • Manoj Bhatt

    CEO / Managing Trustee

  • Sandeep Chopra

    Head - Sustainability and Impact

  • Mr. Pradeep Raghav

    Manager - Operations

  • Dr. Rashid Raza

    Program Officer

  • Ritwik Arora

    Program Officer

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    B-08, 7th Floor, Signature Tower, Wegmans Business Park, Knowledge Park – III, Greater Noida, 201301


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