SOSVA - Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies

Mobilizes, trains and facilitates volunteers to provide their services to nongovernmental and community based organizations

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) emerged in 1984 through the vision and dedication of individuals committed to addressing societal an Read mored economic challenges. Founded by the late Mr. V. Srinivasan, a retired IAS officer with extensive experience in various governmental roles, including MD-SICOM, MAFCO, CIDCO, and former Health Secretary of the Government of Maharashtra. Over nearly four decades, SOSVA has remained steadfast in its mission to bolster the NGO sector, particularly in the areas of health, education, and other developmental concerns, with a primary focus on uplifting underprivileged and marginalized communities. VOLACT (Voluntary Action) is a unique project within SOSVA, driven by the organization's mission that places volunteerism at its core. SOSVA recognizes the immense potential of volunteerism in nurturing and fortifying community and social networks. In an increasingly globalized world at risk of losing cultural identity and grappling with stark socioeconomic disparities, volunteerism serves as a powerful tool for building social capacity. Launched in 1994, VOLACT is dedicated to mobilizing, training, and facilitating volunteers. These volunteers offer their services to non-governmental organizations, community-based groups, schools, educational institutions, and agencies working with underprivileged, challenged, and marginalized communities in need of voluntary support. The project carefully matches the interests and abilities of volunteers with the specific needs of agencies seeking support. Ongoing follow-up by SOSVA staff ensures that the relationship between volunteers and agencies remains harmonious and productive. Year after year, SOSVA continues to champion volunteerism, extending selfless services to 260 NGOs in Mumbai. The VOLACT (Voluntary Action) project has empowered volunteers to conduct training workshops and activities that contribute to societal development. Through effective partnerships with the government, civil society, and donors, these volunteers have successfully made a difference in the lives of marginalized communities. SOSVA has also extended its support to other NGOs by providing essential training workshops on various subjects, including bookkeeping and gender sensitization. In 2001, the SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute (STAPI) was established to further enhance the capacities of social service organizations. STAPI promotes and strengthens the collective efforts of NGOs dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged. In line with its core values of service, volunteerism, and professionalism, SOSVA is committed to nurturing a robust voluntary sector through training, documentation, and research. The Government of India has recognized and appreciated SOSVA for pioneering the 'Mother NGO' concept, which involves collecting and distributing funds to other NGOs working tirelessly for the betterment of society. The 'Mother Unit' concept involved the careful selection of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive financial and other forms of support from the Government of Maharashtra through SOSVA. SOSVA conducted a thorough assessment of the operations of numerous NGOs, identifying those best suited to implement various government schemes. After these capable candidates were identified, SOSVA organized workshops to acquaint them with the intricacies of government programs. Through this initiative, SOSVA facilitated the promotion of 82 cases under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 96 cases under the Department of Women and Child Development, and 5 cases under the Social Welfare and Education departments. Subsequently, the notion of the 'Mother NGO' was integrated into the Central Government's Five-Year Plans, solidifying the impact of this innovative and collaborative approach.


SOSVA has worked with over 300 NGOs and placed over 6500 volunteers


  • Save Water Project


    In collaboration with TATA Chemicals, SOSVA launched an initiative where SOSVA volunteers embarked on a mission to raise awareness about water conservation. The project involved visiting 15 schools, encompassing both underprivileged and mainstream educational institutions in Mumbai. These informative sessions were designed to educate students about the importance of conserving water. Due to its positive reception, SOSVA continued to organize such sessions, distinguishing them as "Save Water" for mainstream schools and "Safe Water" for the underprivileged schools, thereby making a valuable contribution to water conservation education.

  • Sagar shaala


    SOSVA's distinctive educational initiative, known as Sagar Shala, was initiated in the coastal regions of the Kutch District in Gujarat. Its purpose is to provide informal primary education to children from marginalized communities, predominantly engaged in fishing activities around Mundra and Bhadreshwar. Many of the beneficiary children represent the first generation within their families to access education. These children are educated in temporary structures located along the beachfront, guided by volunteer-teachers. Importantly, their attendance in these classes is acknowledged and accepted by the regular Government schools situated near their permanent residences. The project is made possible through the support of Moving Schools Denmark.
    These children actively participate in various extracurricular activities and have achieved recognition, securing several awards at both the district and state levels in inter-school drama competitions.

  • Yoga project

    SOSVA partnered with the Sab Ka Mangal Ho (SKMH) Group to manage their most significant CSR project of 2018, known as 'Yoga in Orphanages.' The project aimed to make yoga accessible to as many underprivileged orphans as possible. SOSVA took the lead in implementing this initiative. Yoga sessions were introduced in numerous orphanages and schools, resulting in resounding success across Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and most recently, Gujarat. Furthermore, online yoga sessions were conducted in March 2020, with over 300 children participating eagerly from various schools and orphanages.
    The project also organized district-level and state-level competitions in collaboration with the Pune District Yoga and Fitness Institute. Eighteen children participated in these competitions, with eight of them being selected for the state level. These accomplished youngsters were awarded group prizes, medals, and certificates.

  • Menstrual hygiene

    Women's health and hygiene have been a longstanding global concern, particularly among underprivileged communities. Menstrual hygiene awareness and the use of sanitary napkins remain alarmingly low among this demographic. A recent study was carried out in six randomly selected coeducational government senior secondary schools in India, shedding light on the significant impact of menstruation on the lives of young girls. The findings revealed that menstruation affects various aspects of school life, with 65.5% of girls reporting that it interferes with their daily activities at school. Additionally, 12% of adolescent girls miss class tests or examinations during menstruation, and 58.5% are unable to participate in sports.
    In 2018, SOSVA launched the 'Menstrual Hygiene' project, a unique initiative with the primary goal of changing attitudes and practices related to menstruation among adolescent girls aged 10-18 and their mothers. SOSVA conducted 'Menstrual Health and Hygiene' workshops

  • Daan Utsav

    The "Joy of Giving Week" is a global celebration that takes place annually in October. SOSVA enthusiastically joins the festivities during Daan Utsav in collaboration with Give India. The dedicated volunteers come together to raise funds for the causes, making a significant contribution to the mission.

  • Medigift

    Offering free medical aid during significant disasters exemplifies social responsibility, as demonstrated by SOSVA's support to earthquake-stricken regions in Latur, Maharashtra, and Kutch, Gujarat, as well as tsunami-affected areas in South India. These efforts were made possible through the authorization obtained from the Indo-US Bilateral Agreement, enabling the duty-free import of medical equipment from US donor agencies and its distribution to charitable hospitals across India. In the span of eleven years, 38 hospitals received equipment valued at Rs 27 crores.

  • Dhabon

    In rural India, numerous tribes face deprivation of essential amenities, education, and employment prospects. The Dhabon School was established with the objective of addressing the educational, housing, and nutritional requirements of children from the Katakari Tribe, a migrant community, with the aim of shaping the future of these young, innocent minds.

  • School feeding program


    Over the course of a year, a feeding program was conducted in three selected schools in Mumbai, where young students received nutritious daytime meals. These schools are dedicated to the educational advancement of underprivileged children, and the inclusion of a feeding program aligns with their child development objectives.

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    Daan Utsav

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